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Personalize your email signature for Chinese New Year's Eve

Spring Festival is the most important occasion for Chinese people, marking the end of winter and the start of spring. So, with a personalized email signature, take the opportunity to please your Chinese customers on this dearest occasion! Find the best Chinese New Year email signature designs on 1001 Email Signatures.

Email signature idea 1: Dragon in the water

To generate leads, use this dazzling email signature to sign off your message. It displays shows the iconic red dragon of the Asian culture, which is a symbol of power and good luck. Enhance your brand recognition and get fast recognition for your prospective Chinese clients with this fascinating email footer. Promote your sales while keeping in the mind of your targets that this is a unique opportunity for them, or this is their best of luck. Lead them to the next step which is exploring your website through your call-to-action. Also, it is essential to get more calls and messages by providing your contact information on the top of your banner, under your brand, name, and title. Your offer should be an invitation to act fast as the offer is valid for a limited amount of time; so like a dragon, they should move fast to the next steps so as not to miss the unique opportunity. A possible call to action may include “shop now”, or get your gift today. 


Email signature idea 2: Red couplets firecrackers

Stimulate your Chinese clients’ attention to get involved in the New Year merry-making with this email signature. The design looks attractive with red and gold paper firecrackers, which brings more happiness and enthusiasm. 

Traditionally, Chinese people use the firecracker noise to chase evil spirits and ghosts away from their homes. Make your targets happy to participate in your events and get engaged in your promotional offers with this symbolic banner at the end of your email to them. With the CTA, drive more clicks to your blog and social pages for the audience to explore your content and increase brand recognition.

Email signature idea 3: Door couplets

The image of door couplets to sign off your email message is a good sign for your Chinese customers. This is a strong incentive for them to do business with you because the red and gold banners symbolize health, good luck, and fortune. To the right of the image, write the event’s name with a subject line to send out your message. It is followed by a call to immediate action to explore further offers in your pages or blog. Further ideas to personalize your email signature are available on 1001 Email Signatures, and if you are looking for a tool to design your signature, you may try to use a professional tool to promote sales for this unique occasion. 


Email signature idea 4: Good luck plant 

Sign your email with your Chinese friends with golden tangerines or kumquat trees. The fruit is auspicious because of its bright red-orange color. Wish your friends well and convert them into loyal customers with this email footer. Golden tangerines symbolize wealth and prosperity for the Chinese people. Among the fruits, you can add a gift basket with a picture of your brand to invite your clients to visit your store through your call-to-action. Welcome them with a gift discount code to invite their engagement. Also, make sure to activate your social media icons for immediate interaction with your prospects. You may also sign your email to your Chinese clients with a bonsai or a money tree, the symbols of prosperity and fertility.


Email signature idea 5: Sign it with red Chinese lanterns

Spring Festival is best known for the hanging red paper lanterns that you can see in Chinese cities and public places. Street lights and trees are ornamented with those traditional decorations; equally, office buildings and homes are embellished with red lights. These emblematic decorations play a key role in Chinese culture as they symbolize protection and safety from the gigantic monster that would haunt the villages every year. Being a part of their culture, you can invite their engagement to your promotional sales and seasonal services. Signing off with a banner displaying red Chinese lanterns, you can lure your targets to follow up your call. The iconic decoration in an email signature is a strong encouragement for your Chinese clients to follow up on the next step with the hope for good luck.

Email signature idea 6: Sign it with Chinese knots

A tantalizing email signature can captivate the attention of your Chinese clientele with those colorful decorative knots. This makes them feel special as knots are parts of the Chinese culture, and they played an important role in ancient communication. Convey your message through some attractive Chinese knots, inviting the target clients to show commitment and dedication to your interesting offers. Of course, a good marketing technique is to discount the price of some items to wish them well. Such valuable information should figure out in your signature with a clear call-to-action to show right away and profit from the limited offers. 


In conclusion, an emblematic email signature is a good technique when dealing with your Chinese target clients. Take the chance to generate more leads and grow your business by attracting more clients for the Chinese New Year. Start today and create a suitable welcoming email signature to successfully attract the attention of your Asian prospects. 


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