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All the reasons why your emails go to spam

You might be wondering why your emails land in spam instead of the inbox. There are good reasons for that, which might be either due to your subject line or to the content of your message. Anyway, emails don't end up in the spam folder for no reason. Find out the main ones in this article by1001 Email Signatures. 


The subject line and content are poorly-written

If you use spam-like words in your pitch, your email will end up in the spam. Each email provider has a spam filter tool, which detects a manipulative and pushy language, like the ones used by spammers. These words evoke negative emotions in the recipients. There are roughly about 500 spam words that should not be included in your pitch. You can know more about these words in the list provided by1001 Email Signatures. Aside from that, spam emails are characterized by how they are written. In general, they contain many grammatical errors, abbreviations, and unscrupulous phrases. Poorly written articles with misspelled words and grammatical errors imply that the writer does not show any respect to the intended reader. Thus, it is not surprising that the message ends up in the spam box. 

The font and colors are spam-like

Another visible feature of spam emails is the type of font that the writer uses. Spammers write their message entirely in block capital letters, which means that they are shouting out loud to get the attention of the email recipient. Instead of emphasizing their pitch with a respectful tone and a good choice of words, the writer shows their rudeness, hoping to push their target to react immediately to their calls. Shouting online is often accompanied by the use of gaudy messages. If you use exclusively big fonts and flashy images in your message, it implies that you are rude and may offend your reader with your messages: and such kinds of the email will undoubtedly land in spam.

The writer uses excessive exclamation marks and symbols

In conversation, an exclamation mark shows how the speaker feels. In books and normal conversations, only one exclamation mark is enough to convey the speaker’s feelings. So, whether the speaker is angry or astonished, or disgusted, or excited, only one exclamation mark is used to state the speaker’s emotion. In contrast, spammers go to the extreme and try to push their target clients with lots of exclamation marks, with the hope to trap them in their net. Such behavior is detected by the spam filter in most email providers. As a result, the email is considered spam. Likewise, overuse of dollar signs in a promotional offer is considered aggressive and it shows greed to make a profit quickly even though it may lead to eventual customer dissatisfaction because the product might be fake and poor quality, just how the pitch is designed.

There are suspicious links inside the email

Sometimes, you may not know that the links provided in your email are related to suspicious content. This can happen if you use unreliable email marketing tools. The links attached to the email might have been marked fraudulent by the email supplier. On 1001 Email Signatures, you can learn about reliable email providers to avoid getting considered as spammer if you have to send several emails to your prospects to promote your brand. If you are looking for an email provider trusted by many clients and enterprises, it is recommended to get some advice from this tool. You may think that using a generic link shortener helps you to manage your links easily. However, if you use shortened URLs in your email, there is a high risk of ending up in spam. 


Some key components of your message are missing

Spam emails can be easily detected by the filter because they do not follow the protocol, and some of the most essential elements of their message are not included. For example, the sender’s name is missing; or there is no subject line in the message. Writing your email in plain text can also transfer your message directly into the spam folder. If you send a newsletter to your subscribers, make sure that there is a link to allow the members to unsubscribe from the email in the footer; otherwise, your message will go to spam. You can find more reasons why an email is categorized spam with the tips from 1001 Email Signatures.

There is something suspicious in your message

  • If you attach a suspicious image or file to your email, the spam filter may think that you intend to steal data from your target. Unsafe or binary attachments are easily detected by the spam filter and they send a warning to the email recipient, to refrain you from opening the email.

  • Also, if your email domain is ill-reputed, there is very little chance for your email to be delivered to your prospects. Aside from that, if your company sends bulk emails daily, it will certainly be considered spam.

  • Finally, if your IP server is not properly set up, your emails will be taken as spam by the most renowned email suppliers. 

In conclusion, there are many reasons for an email to land in spam. Using suspicious links in your email can increase the risk for your message to end up in the spam folder. Besides, the use of spam jargons, flashy font colors, and images will reduce the deliverability rate of your email.

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