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Email signature management is not easy on Gmail App

On Gmail App, an email signature consists of a statement or some texts. No matter how great and practical it is to use the Gmail app, email signature management works better on desktops among other features. In this article, let us take an overview of Gmail App electronic signatures.


Overview of a Gmail App email signature

On the Gmail app, you can sign off with your name, title, and contact information. You can also add your email address and telephone number. On average it is appropriate to write 5 or 6 lines to sign off your message. Otherwise, it becomes too wordy and is not interesting for the email recipient to read. You may also add your favorite quote to end the contact information. This is ideal for those who like to sign off their message in a minimalistic way. Yet, this is not adequate for marketing purposes. A professional email signature is essentially short, elegant, and smart. Yet, the signature setting on the Gmail app does not permit the user to add colors or change the font size to make the signature more attractive.

Can I build a brand and generate more traffic with a Gmail App signature?

The signature setting on the Gmail app does not allow you to add any logo to enhance brand recognition. It is not suitable for brand name establishment and reinforcement. On desktop, however, it is possible to insert the company logo and any other image that might be relevant to your brand. The purpose of an email signature is to level up each email that you send and grow customers. Yet, without any illustrative image or colorful setting, the signature does not look inspiring to the prospect.

Can I make the link clickable and can I add a promotional banner to the Gmail App email footer?

On desktop, you can have more features when you create an email signature for the Gmail app. You can for example add clickable links to your website or blog. You may also add a clickable link to the image or banner. However, these features are missing from the Gmail app. This means that you cannot add any link or image to your Gmail app email footer. Besides, another limitation of the Gmail app is that when you send an email to your prospects, you cannot activate your desktop signature. Thus, you have to sign off your email with the minimalistic text e-signature created from the Gmail app Settings. Thus, it is not possible to promote your service or product with an email signature created on the Gmail app.

Can I call the customer to action with my Gmail App email signature?

Email signatures created on the desktop allow you to add a call-to-action link to redirect the potential clientele to your offers. On the Gmail app, you may write the link to your website or blog; yet, the link is not clickable. When you use an email signature, it is designed for marketing purposes; it is not merely meant to sign your name. However, this option is not available on the Gmail app. Yet, if you have your email signature created and installed by an email signature provider, you can happily sign off your emails even when writing from a mobile device. On 1001 Email Signatures, you can learn how to generate mobile-friendly footers that are suitable for the Gmail app on any device. Without any skill, you can have your email signature created and installed, and updated easily if you know how to do it.


Can I get more people to download my e-book from a Gmail app signature?

The gift of a free e-book is a great incentive for customers to read your magazine and visit your website. This offer can be easily promoted with an email signature created from a desktop setting. The campaign can look even more beautiful if your signature is created by an email signature generator. However, the email footer setting on the Gmail app does not allow you to add any links or any promotional banner whatsoever. You may think about designing your e-signature from your desktop Gmail setting? Yet, the signature is not rendered by the Gmail app if you want to compose an email from your mobile device. Having your signature created and installed by a professional tool, you no longer need to worry about ending your message as it should be.

Can I create an event with my Gmail app signature?

  • Essentially, an effective email signature is like a business card with a power bloc. It should contain basic professional data; also, it can be used for many purposes, including event creating, survey, video conference organization, and many other promotional activities.

  • Creating an event is most effective with links that redirect the audience to your social media pages. This is because you can get a higher response rate if your prospects have access to your social media pages. Encouraging them to send their comments and questions on an instant messaging tool is effective.

  • It is easy to know how many people are interested, how many are going, and how many are not sure on the social media interface. However, such a feature is missing on the Gmail app signature setting.

In conclusion, many features are missing on the Gmail app concerning email signature settings; and if you choose to create your signature on Gmail desktop, it is not rendered when writing an email from your mobile device. Thus, you may need to get help online to create smart mobile-friendly email footers. For more tips, you can try 1001 Email Signatures.

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