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How to generate leads thanks to your email signature?

Email signatures can create unique opportunities to stimulate actions through inspiring content. When updated regularly, they can promote customers’ motivation to know more about your brand and to take an immediate course of action. Here are some tips on how to generate leads by ending your email with unique, fascinating signatures.

Respond to the customer’s needs in time

Many people are not aware of the importance of an email signature. In business, using a well-designed trademark as an email can serve a great purpose to create a fascinating offer to your prospects. In addition to contact information, it is recommended to sign off with a beautiful banner with a link to respond to the customers’ needs as described in your email. As an electronic business card, an email-footer is not supposed to be overloaded with all the kinds of items you want to market. Instead, it is logical to display the item which is most requested by the clientele, in different sizes and packaging.


Keep the signature simple and consistent

You may think that to create an inspiring signature, all you have to do is to use large fonts and big images. In contrast, it is advisable to keep the customers engaged with simple but consistent email endings. It is necessary to vary text size, having the brand name in a specific font style, in the largest font size, using a color that matches your brand. Yet, it is good to keep the image in a medium-sized format, with enough space between the lines of information. Also, a good technique to induce the audience for further engagement is to relate the banner with a matching call-to-action phrase. For example, to inspire your target audience to join a conference, you may add a convincing line describing the outcome of the event.

Call-to-action with a tracking link

Link tracking is a useful method to leverage social media actions. Providing an alternative to encourage customers’ engagement with your company is needed to generate leads. To help your audience keep updated on your most recent blogs, you can for example request them to follow on Facebook or Twitter. You can have more books sold with a CTA to request some free samples or a free download button. Tracking the customers’ actions is a good way to analyze their needs; also, it helps organize new marketing plans to create more opportunities. On the other hand, another efficient strategy is to generate leads by providing links to your social media pages. Many people find it more practical to use social media to collect information about the most popular brand.


Ask for samples and product demonstration

To effectively address the needs of potential customers, providing a product demonstration and sampling are essential. Customers are interested in finding the best offers to meet their needs. Product demonstration allows the prospects to see how the proposed solution can solve their problems: besides, if you explain how to use a specific product for a specific purpose, it drives more attention and nurtures the desire to implement the solution to their needs. Likewise, sampling helps potential customers see and feel how the product is and builds trust in the brand. To generate more traffic, it is crucial to customize the products or the samples and provide all useful information about them in your blog or web pages. 

Use a mobile-friendly email signature designer

A recent survey conducted on the customers’ behavior relates that more than 50 percent of email recipients use a mobile device to read and reply to their message. This is because you can open your email anywhere with an iPad, an iPhone, or an Android device. An effective way to generate more traffic is to create a mobile-friendly signature and request your potential customers to call and inquire about the offer or services displayed in the banner. One of the problems of some email signature generators is that the image format is not compatible with the mobile device used by the email recipient. If the image is too large, it won’t fit the mobile screen; thus, the signature looks unprofessional. Therefore, it is important to create mobile-friendly signatures for your email. This could be done with an email signature generator like 1001 Email Signatures.

Use an email signature generator

Having your email signature created by a specialist may cost a fortune, especially for small businesses, freelancers, or students. However, with a free tool like 1001 Email Signatures, you can have your email-footer created, added, and installed in your email. The page offers a free tutorial to help you design different kinds of email stamping. Many signature templates of different forms and purposes are available. If you prefer to sign your correspondence with a discreet signature, the classic minimalistic design is appropriate; but if you are looking for something more appealing and engaging, it is recommended to pick the one with a banner and a call-to-action button. The tool can help you install your trademark no matter which email provider you use. With a small monthly fee, you can benefit from its many services for creating cohesive email signatures for your entire staff. Interestingly, the tool helps you update your signatures at a scheduled interval.

In conclusion, it can be said a subtle email signature is a key to generate more leads for your business. With the help of a tool, you can design fascinating email signatures for your emails to your prospective clients. The best thing to do is to make sure that the email-footer is compatible with all devices so that no effort to establish and reinforce your brand name is wasted.


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