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How to promote an upcoming event in your email signature?

Signatures are often overlooked in an email; however, they can be designed to relay messages and get prompt responses. If you are plan to organize an event, why don’t you announce it through your email signature? In this article, learn how to attract many attendees to an event or an important occasion in your email signature.

Email signature, as the most efficient marketing channel

As you send messagesto your prospective customersor audience, take the opportunity to raise their interest in the upcoming event that you are upholding through your email signature. The signature at the end of your message is surely an incentive to take immediate steps, especially if you have used a suitable signature design for the occasion. In other words, it can act as a guide for the email recipient to follow the next necessary step, just after having read the email content.

Whether they are looking for job opportunities or interesting sales online, a well-chosen signature at the end of your message can surely become a channel to orient the clients or audiences to your business goals. The process is not difficult. By adding a clickable link to your signature, you can boost an event and get responses from each email recipient. Therefore, it is an effective method to promote any upcoming event.


How to use 1001 email signature to drive in more attendees

Beautifully designed email signatures are endowed with the power to attract a large number of curious audiences to view your website and to attend the intended event. Here are quick steps to help you know how to organize an event and have many people participate in it by using this type of signature.

  • Open your browser and go to “1001 email signatures”. Then, select the font category which matches the occasion that you intend to organize.

  • Among the categories, there are specific fonts for holidays and occasions, for a specific decade, and even for a specific theme. It is appropriate to opt for the font which corresponds to the event to achieve your purpose.

  • Within the dingbat font category, you can discover iconic fonts, which are appropriate to promote a business, or food sale, movie, or any other event.

  • To organize cultural events, it is appropriate to use a thematic font, which can be found in the people font category.

How to use 1001 email signature to drive in more attendees

How to promote an event with an email signature

Once you have finished selecting and editing your signature with 1001 email signatures, right-click on it. After that, you can either save the image in your computer for an image upload. However, the best is to open your email account and in the setting menu, find the one where you can insert a signature. Then, copy and paste the image signature to your signature menu. The next step consists in adding your name and title, as well as your company name, which should be placed before the signature. Then, under the electronic mail signature, add the link to your website, using suitable color matches and font size. It is important to test the link if it works well before saving the changes.


promote an event with an email signature

Invite your audience with a call for action

To enhance business, the next essential feature of your email signature is the call for action. It should be clearly stated with a catchy font and a matching background. If you organize a sale, for example, it is a good idea to encourage participation with a small gift. The most common way to do that is to reward the first 10 or 20 people who respond to your invitation with a free gift. However, you can also boost participation through a raffle, which will take place at the end of the event. Instead of having one winner to the raffle, you may reward 10 attendees or so, to make the event unforgettable and inspiring. More interestingly, you can use 1001 email signatures to create elegant banners that can be copied and pasted in your Google email signature setting. This can serve as a clear statement of the event’s purpose to the intended guests, whether it is a raffle, or a sale, or an exhibit.

To conclude, promoting an event with a signature is a mandatory marketing strategy in today’s modern business world. Now that there are always many competitors, it has become crucial to know how to promote your business by adding those essential features in your email. Not only can you promote your business through an electronic signature, but it can equally serve as an incentive to inspire more attendees to the event you plan for them.

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