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Best examples and ideas of business and professional email signatures

An email signature or email footer is what the email recipient reads last in your email. It can send a final message about who you are, what position you hold, and what your motto is. In business, an email signature adds emphasis to the company brand and goals. Therefore, knowing how to design an email signature is essential to increase revenue as it can add more focus to your services or promotional products.

Why professional email signatures are important

With every email you send to your customers, you can use an efficient signature to generate more sales. Professional email signatures are designed to promote rapid business turnover even if prices are increased. Besides, by having all members of your department get regular updates of their email signature, your emails can constantly act as a constant reminder of the existing services to your current customers. You can also keep them abreast of new offers or promotional discounts. Professional email signatures are carefully designed to meet seasonal business goals. In Scribe-Mail online tool, it is possible to run a regular analysis of your departments, marketing campaigns, and signatures to help plan seasonal events or promotional sales ahead of time.


Why should you choose Scribe-Mail email signatures?

Scribe-mail email signatures are packed with ready-made templates, which are suitable for any type of business, whether it is small or big. In a few steps and a single click, you can engage all your employees in the efforts to create new business opportunities together. With Scribe-Mail, department members can have their signatures updated to meet your seasonal goals. What makes Scribe-Mail unique is that team members can have access to all tabs to edit their signatures and check the data analytics. Also, you can create more business opportunities by scheduling campaigns ahead of time to raise seasonal business turnover. With Scribe-Mail, this feature comes with an automated update of your banners and call-to-action buttons.

Tip to design inspiring business and professional email signatures

Supported by major email providers, Scribe-Mail email signatures come with different features to promote products or services. You can find for example enticing banners and call-to-action buttons, designed to send out an inspiring message to your audience. If you are in sales, the most suitable call is to invite potential and returning customers to take a virtual tour of your gallery, where products are displayed with their respective prices. If you plan to organize a conference or a webinar, you can inspire the potential attendants with a virtual tour of the location where previous events have been organized. Also, get more clicks and revenues by calling the customers to have a look at your best videos, or listen to your most popular soundtracks before sending information about sales.


Best ideas to create business and professional email signatures

To create inspirational business and professional email signatures, it is crucial to highlight the following components:

  • A well-designed company logo: This displays clear information about your company name.

  • A motto: To emphasize your aim, the company motto should not be too wordy or redundant. The objective is to send an effective ending to your message and to get higher customer engagement.

  • An attractive banner: This is an effective strategy to offer discounts or to launch new products.

  • A call-to-action button: The button is a clickable link that focuses on your objective and redirects your audience to your sales channel. You may redirect them to your online products or arrange virtual meetings through a video conference, or any other objective.

Have your signatures installed by Scribe-Mail

Once your signature is created, the final step is to have it installed on your email signature. To start with, choose a subscription plan. This is to ensure regular updates and modifications of your email signatures by Scribe-mail specialists. Monthly subscription fees vary according to the number of email signature users in your team. Individual users are charged a basic monthly fee of $5.00. You can get a little more than 50 percent discount per user for more than 20 users, with Mixmax included. The offer includes signature templates, customizable fields, and design. Signatures are mobile-friendly and can be automatically synced in some email providers. To install a signature update on other email providers, it is necessary to get a signature code and append it to your email setting platform.

Email signatures by Scribe-Mail are edited by specialists

Supported by major email providers, Scribe-Mail email footers are designed by email signature specialists. All signatures come with clickable links to your website URL and call-to-action buttons. All you have to do is to choose your desired signature and trust the specialist to make it professional. G-suite, Office 365, and Outlook users can have their signatures automatically synced on any device in real-time. On the other hand, email signature updates are carried out after copying and pasting a signature code to their platform for the users of Gmail, Firefox Thunderbird, and MacMail. And if you use any other email provider, you can still have your email signature designed by a Scribe-Mail specialist, who will later give you a signature code. Once you receive the code, the next step is to edit your signature in your email signature setting. Copy the email signature code provided to you and paste it to your email signature platform. The last step consists of saving the changes, and you are ready to use your business email signature.

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