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Personalize your email signature for Halloween

Halloween can be a tremendous period to boost your sales and inspire more customers. Email signature marketing works so well, so why don’t you give it a try and engage more crowds in your offers and services? Feel free to share this Halloween spirit through your email signature with the large choice of designs available on 1001 Email Signatures.

Inspiration 1: Scary pumpkin and bats

Do not throw away your big chance to draw more leads for this unique occasion. Plan the upcoming holiday and invite more customers to your event. This scary email signature is so inspiring that even the most difficult customers will be attracted to your offers. The basic colors are of course black and orange, on a light background. The top three columns are used for your company logo (on the left), your contact information (in the middle), and your profile photo (on the right). It is followed by a scary banner with a call to action. The graphic element in the banner makes it so appealing: a scary pumpkin with a few bats will do. You can use a chiller font to highlight your moto and a call-to-action invite the prospects to enjoy the discount code offered to the responder. You should be able to increase the traffic with this groundbreaking design. Adding social media icons under the banner makes it easy for the audience to follow your activities.


Inspiration 2: Witch, broomstick, and cat

Boost customer engagement for your Halloween offers with this email signature. The design is unique and edgy with your avatar as a profile photo on the right, your contact information in the middle, and your company logo on the left. The Halloween-themed banner, featuring a witch on a broomstick and a black cat, is enough to grab the attention of a merry-looking clientele. You should get more attendants to your invitation for free samples or free subscriptions with this email signature. Also, get more visits to your websites and social media pages by adding the website URL and the icons under the banner. Clickable links to join your community can be equally added to ease access. More email signature ideas are available on 1001 Email Signatures.

Inspiration 3: Headless horseman and shuttered pumpkin

Simple in design, this email signature has a great potential to grow your brand and impress the audience. Who wouldn’t get inspired by Irvin Washington’s popular tale on Halloween night? Get more clicks from your audience and prospects with this creative design. The first layer displays your logo or profile photo on the left and your contact information on the right. The illustrative image in the banner shows the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow and shattered pumpkins on the bridge. The theme of the event is engraved in a chiller font, which is preferably in orange, with a call to action for the prospects not to miss this interesting discount.



Inspiration 4: Ghost and clown

Last year’s event might not have been so successful because of unsatisfactory advertising technique. Get more crowds to your next Halloween event with this scary email signature. So, the strategy is to end each mail with this topical footer highlighting a scary clown in a colorful uniform on the left, and a ghost on the right. You can add the call-to-action in the middle of the banner. You can customize the font style and color on Scribe-Mail to make a better impression. To invite messages, it is good to add social media icons and phone numbers to your email signature. Also, a disclaimer can be added under the banner.

Inspiration 5: Spider and webs

Decorate your email with this footer that can be customized for free in the templates. This two-column email footer is catchy and professional-looking. On the left, there is a banner with the image of a spider in the webs on a dark background. The call to action is typed in red or orange but can be tailored to your mood. On the right, there is your name, profile photo and title, and contact details. The creepy-crawly image gives the e-signature a scary look, but it makes a good impression. This is equally suitable for all mobile devices. Use your email footer to make your customers aware of the discount code, free subscription, free trial, and any offer or event that you organize for them.

Inspiration 6: Skull and Bones

When it comes to promotional sales, the image of skulls and bones an effective traffic generator used by large enterprises. So, why don’t you captivate the attention of your customers with this enticing email signature? Let Scribe-Mail design it for you, on any template of your choice, with or without a disclaimer at the bottom. The skull-and-bone banner can be placed to the right of your business information or under. This is perfect for marketing and it does not require any IT skill from you to apply it to your message. Grab the attention of your potential customers with chilling fonts for your call to sale action. Also, make the signature compliant with your brand by adjusting the colors.

In conclusion, further thematic email signature ideas can be found on 1001 Email Signatures. So, you need to get ready and do not let your customers miss the Halloween sales and other opportunities. By sending as many messages to your existing customers and prospects, you can help them plan for the event ahead of time and get more traffic.


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