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How and why managing my team’s email signature?

The way you interact with your audience and customers has a significant impact on the business turnover. The way you end your email is among the most efficient way to boost your turnover and make more profit. In this article, we will see why it is a good idea to manage your team’s email signature to achieve this purpose. You will also learn how to proceed with that.


The team’ signature as an effective marketing strategy

Managing the employees’ email signature consists in having each one of them send out the same business goal to their mail recipients. For example, if your company's goal is to promote a specific product for an event, a good way to meet the objective is to have each employee sign their email with a signature which markets the same product under the company logo. By speaking the same language, more opportunities are created to boost sale and make an impact. The more people there are to advertise on your goal, the more turnover you will have. An advantage of this is that it is a way to provide each mail recipients with information about a specific product from an authentic relationship. As a result, it can build confidence and will make greater impacts in business.

How to create signatures for your team

If you are ready to create signatures for your team, the best is to use an online tool with editable built-in templates. Then, once you have found one, click on Design and then Edit signature. To make the signature look more professional, choose among the many proposed templates and edit it. This is the best way to easily change and edit your signature. Once you are done with the signature, download it or save the image file in your computer. Your next step is to share the email signature with your team members. It can be sent as an attachment in your email to your colleagues. Adding a variety to the style and color of your email signatures raises visibility and interests in your business. However, if you leave the same signature for too long, and when you update it while keeping the same color and design, it will certainly get unnoticed.

Test the team’s email signature with mobile devices

One of the problems encountered by non-professional signature editors is that the link to the website or to the social network is broken or not working; as a result, they fail to meet their objectives. Therefore, once your team members have edited their new email signature, have each one of them send an email to test the links, whether it is to the website, or to the social networks, or even to the provided telephone number. Use mobile devices as well as computers to open the email and test the signature. If it is not possible to open some of the links in your phone, this might mean that some features are missing in the phone. Take this opportunity to find a solution and improve your signature. If you have a large team, it is helpful to have the employees work in smaller groups, having each group member test the links from their colleagues’ signature. Testing the signature before using it in business is recommended to make sure that the goal is reached.

Launch your business through your team’s email signatures

  • In marketing and business, advertising is an important incentive to raise productivity and make a considerable profit. By having everybody in the team display the brand that your business represents, it helps to potential customers and audience know more about the type of business you are doing. 

  • Such valuable information about the company brand, which includes company name, logo, and links to website and contact information should be put just under the employee’s name and title. What’s more, those in business can add a picture of the products they wish to launch next to the signature. And finally, there should also be a disclaimer under the signature if necessary.

  • The company’s physical address may also figure in your signature to facilitate any potential customers’ access to the place. The signature is followed by a call to action for the recipient to act right away, just after reading the message.

  • By having each team member end their email with social media icons with clickable links, you can effectively raise sales, attract many attendees to an event and, therefore, make a big difference.


Adjust your signature to meet your goal …

To promote seasonal goods, it is important to remove the signature once the promotion is finished. In other words, it is important to avoid ending your email with an outdated signature. Equally, updates on the new signature should be sent regularly to your team members so that they can help keep customers abreast of the trending brand. For this occasion, it might be a good idea to impress your customers with a banner to promote a new item. A call-to-action and a working link to the website where the audience can get more information about the new item should be added as well. Having the team members use the same signature is an effective way to launch business. Yet, it is also worth noting that having each employee display different products in their signature is equally a good way to make people find out and know more about your business.

… And display other aspects of your brand with the team’s email signature

In marketing and business, it is possible to end your email with different signatures, according to your goals. For example, to raise awareness of your business orientation, the signature should direct the recipient to your website. On the other hand, if your intention is to call attendance to an event, it is appropriate to sign your email with clickable icons, which leads them to further information about the event, and icons which enables them to respond if they are interested and willing to attend it. Thus, it is worth it to take some time to choose the best signature for each email you send so as to match it with your goal. And do not forget to ask the team members to adjust their email signature accordingly in the right time

In brief, knowing how to manage your team’s signature is key to boost your business and reach your goals. Regular updates on the team’s email signature are vital to keep your business fascinating and will attract customers all year round. In contrast, if you use the same signature for too long, it may imply that your business is only focused on one goal and customers will not contact you often.

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