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6 tips to improve email deliverability

As opposed to email delivery, email deliverability consists of having an email delivered to people’s inboxes. Deliverability is one important aspect of email marketing that is often neglected by merchants. Don't be one of them. Follow our guide to make sure everything you send ends up in your prospect's inbox.


A well-written subject line means more deliverability

To get more emails opened by the envisioned addressee, it is essential to provide meaningful content in the whole message. If the subject line and content are still flagged as spam, the deliverability rate is low. To remedy the situation, it is advisable to use only high-quality email subject lines. This means that it is important to inspire the audience to read the content of the email by looking at the subject line. Keep the line brief and concise with less than 50 characters to increase open rates. Also, avoid using spam-like pitch lines that reveal the intention of the marketer to lure the audience with the fear of missing out on the offer. For more hints on what spammy language is, you can for example go on 1001 Email Signatures. 

Allow subscribers to manage their subscription

You can send a monthly reminder email for the audience to manage their subscription to your promotional offers. This can be done by adding a link to facilitate subscription to other promotional emails or newsletters of their preference, or to update their subscriber preference at the footer. Links to further information can be provided too. Giving the audience a choice to subscribe to the kinds of emails they want to receive is a good way to improve your metrics. Also, providing an unsubscribe link at the end of every email you send prevents your emails to be flagged into the spam folder.

Don’t use bot-generated email lists

Sending your pitch to a purchased email list can help to increase deliverability. However, using a bot-generated list of prospects is not the best solution to boost deliverability. This is because sooner or later, any unsolicited emails will be marked as spam. Besides, some email providers consider email list-buying as a violation of their terms of service. This means that purchasing an email list may lead to your email account being terminated, which can eventually harm the company's reputation. If your brand image is tarnished, your emails have a very low deliverability rate, as a result. Thus, to increase the readability rate, avoid using an email list that has been created by a botnet.

Use segmented email campaigns

To expand the deliverability rate, start your email campaigns with the most loyal registered members. Target your pitch with a small audience and gradually grow your customers by segmenting the email list purchase. This is more reliable and effective because you can build your IP’s credibility with your clients. The next step is to grow your audience gradually by pitching to a small batch of a purchased email list. Then, precaution should be taken when sending emails to your clients, so as not to bombard them with voluminous emails. Thus, the best way to improve the readability rate is to invite the prospects to subscribe to your company emails once you have built a connection with them.


Clean up your email list

Keeping unengaged subscribers in your email list pulls down your company’s email marketing metrics because the marketing campaign is not addressed to the right target. Every year, it is a good idea to make a habit of clearing your list of email recipients. The good thing about removing uncommitted subscribers is that you can think about better techniques to make your future email marketing more successful. Also, you can take the opportunity to invite previously inactive followers to renew their subscription, or subscribe to a new promotional email, or even terminate their current subscription. Pruning the email list can save the company from wasting money on campaigning to a non-responsive audience. Besides, removing passive members will make the engagement statistics more accurate.

Encourage your subscriber’s engagement

  • Also known as Confirmed Opt-In, a Verified Opt-In allows the subscribers to willfully join your email list through a confirmation message. The process involves having the new members confirm their subscription by activating the link sent to their primary email inbox. This way, your subscription list is uniquely made up of verified subscribers. Having a list of active email addresses ensures that your email is delivered to an engaged audience, and it can increase your open rate and decrease your spam score.

  • By personalizing your email sender’s name, the recipient feels more connected to the brand. Yet, you should not avoid mentioning the company name in the subject line and signature to establish and reinforce the brand name. This technique makes it easy for the subscriber to feel free and communicate with the company representative whenever they want to get more help or know about further offers.

  • Most subscribers find it annoying and ineffective to be redirected to bots when they have a request to make. Get more deliverability from the subscribed members by ensuring them that they can get immediate assistance from the company in due time by providing a link for that.

 In conclusion, it is necessary to send adequate email numbers to your loyal and prospective clients to increase the read rate. With a consistent schedule, you can send the right amount of emails to ensure that the information is well-received by the target audience. On 1001 Email Signatures, you can find tips about the most appropriate email marketing schedule for your business.

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