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Create your email signature on Outlook

On the Outlook app, you can create a classic email signature that consists of your data and contact information. To inspire the audience, you may also add a famous quote at the end of your email footer. In this tutorial, learn how to create an email signature on Outlook.


Quick steps to create an email signature in Outlook

An email signature is widely used in marketing to stimulate prospective customers to carry out the calls made by the marketer. To create an email-footer in Outlook, sign in to your account then go to the Settings. You can see the icon. Then, click on the next menu which says View all Outlook settings, which is at the top of the page. Next, select ‘Mail’ and click on ‘Compose and reply’. You will move on to the ‘Email signature’ where you are going to create your email footer. Create a signature by typing in your name, your title, and your company. You can personalize your signature with the available fonts in the menu.

Beautify your email signature

On Outlook, you are allowed to edit your email signature to make it look like an electronic business card. This means that you cannot create multiple signatures at once. If you want to have a nice professional email signature, change the text setting by using different colors that match your brand. You may also vary the font size and text alignment to get noticed by the audience. It is also highly recommended to go to the gallery of signature templates and select the most convenient choice for your brand. Download the template of your choice and edit it in Word. Edit the personal information and change the picture or the logo. You can also add links to your website or social pages to your signature. When you are done, copy the signature and paste it into the Outlook email message body that you are writing.

How to change the image and add a clickable CTA to your Outlook signature

Create an amazingly smart email signature for your Outlook email with the help of the signature templates in the gallery. 

  • Right-click on the template image and then, click on ‘Change Picture’. Select your profile photo or logo from your file and insert it in your new signature. You can adjust the size of the image from the ‘Format’ menu. 

  • Then, add a call-to-action text to your signature. Then, highlight the text and edit the link by typing your website URL or social media page link in the field. Once you are finished, save the changes by clicking OK.

  • To save your Outlook email signature, select the signature and copy it. Go back to the Signature menu in the Message. You will be asked to name your signature. Then, go to the ‘Edit signature’ field and paste your selected signature in the field. The last step is to save your signature by clicking on OK.

You can also use the help of an email signature generator to create and install a professional footer for your Outlook emails. You can get the job done without any sophisticated computer skills with Scribe-Mail. Besides, you can create multiple signatures for your team with the tool. Besides, the signatures can be regularly updated at no extra charge.

In conclusion, you need to follow many steps to create your email signature on Outlook. The task might be challenging for new users and for those who do not have enough computer skills. Yet, with an email signature tool like Scribe-Mail, you can get the task done effectively.

How to change the image and add a clickable CTA to your Outlook signature
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