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Tips and tricks to promote your brand in your email signature

An email is always the most common way to communicate in business. It is the most trusted channel in business even if many senders do not mark their message with a signature. Yet, a beautifully designed email signature is a powerful tool for brand management and marketing. Discover some tips and tricks to create some awesome ways to highlight your brand through an email-footer.

Add some colors and image

Professional email signatures are awe-inspiring: they are characterized by carefully selected font styles and colors and images. Give focus to your message from a careful choice of color combinations. For example, choose a dark font to be perfectly matched with a white background. Yet, for a dark background, you can use light grey, light brown, or gold font color. Also, it is more professional to make the brand stand out by using a large font size. Offer tremendous opportunity to captivate the attention of your email recipients with well-balanced colors. You can add a touch of lively color to the icon or banner to make your signature more inspiring. Maximize your visibility, why don’t you even embellish your email signature with a funny picture which is associated with the brand?


Add links to your social media profiles

Even if you have created an email signature from your mobile device, the problem is that you cannot refer to your social media pages. When you design an email signature from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, the social media icons are missing. So, potential customers cannot be redirected to your pages on the most popular media sites. A good solution is then to use an email signature generator. Among the most practical tool, you may try 1001 email signatures for free. Have full audience recognition by inserting all icons which refer to your social media pages and links. The tip is to remove any barrier between you as a business provider, and your potential clientele.

Use promotion, samples, and ads

Marketing promotion can guarantee fast business development. Besides, utilizing the richest email footer is crucial to stimulate the interest of new consumers while maintaining your regular customers. When you offer promotional sales, you may give free samples to encourage other potential buyers to participate. You can also create short videos to advertise the promotion from your email signature. Get ready to respond to your consumers’ needs to maintain their trust in your services. 

Failing to address their needs results in an uncountable loss. In contrast, if you manage to successfully respond to target customers’ needs in time, you can have the potential to highlight your brand and increase sales turnover over a short amount of time. Provide your best samples and display them in your banner. Also, attach an inspirational catchphrase to increase customers’ engagement, and get ready to respond to their requests at any time.


Be a more efficient business provider

Providing your mobile phone number in your signature is quite necessary. Some people prefer to talk on the phone rather than sending text messages. Therefore, if they need to call you, you can easily get in touch with each other. Besides, it may be useful to connect your phone number with a few calling tools like Skype, messenger, google voice, or mobile phone calls. Some business opportunities are hindered by the lack of a telephone number in their signature. Despite their interesting profile, job applicants miss the opportunity to be called an interview owing to the lack of phone number in their résumé. Thus, by making yourself accessible at any time, you can broaden the horizons to more prospective clientele. 

Be consistent when using an email signature

Encourage each employee to send as many promotional emails every day. This can be done by giving a list of potential customers that should be contacted every week. You can use an email directory to help them dispatch as many emails as possible. Also, it is a good idea to set the number of target recipients for each employee to around 100 or 120 every day. If each department member sends 1000 to 1200 emails every week, you can expect at least half of them to respond by visiting your social media pages or blog. Another motivational tip is to reward the employees according to their yearly performance. This can be done by rewarding those who have contacted the most customers with a more interesting bonus. In return, those who have dispatched the fewest emails will be awarded a small percentage of the annual benefits.

Use a mobile-friendly design

With the templates from 1001 email signatures, you will never run out of ideas to design new signature styles. The unique feature of this tool is that your email footer can be read on any mobile device. The majority of people use their cellphones to consult their emails regularly. If your promotional email footer is accessible to all kinds of devices, can you imagine the number of crowds that can have access to your offers? Consumers are keen on comparing prices and quality before proceeding with the next step.

In conclusion, showcasing your business brand is a constant effort that requires the involvement of every member. Using an email signature seems to be an easy simple solution. However, several tips and techniques need to be taken into account to create the right email signature to ensure wide brand recognition. 

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