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All the steps to follow to create your email signature on Gmail

Email signature marketing is a must to drive more incentives to your marketing campaign. Familiarize yourself with Gmail settings and improve the way you sign off your email messages. To learn how to create an inspiring and smart email footer to grow business, read this quick tutorial from 1001 Email Signatures.


Creating an email signature on Gmail

To create an engaging email signature in your Gmail account, here are simple quick steps to follow:

  • Log in to your Gmail account; then, click on the Settings icon. You can find it on the top right of the screen. Go ahead and click on the menu which says ‘See all settings’, which is just under Quick settings.

  • You will see General, Labels, Inbox, and Accounts and Import. Click on General and scroll down until you find Signature.

  • Click on Create New to create a new signature. Name your signature according to the desired call-to-action that should accompany your signature.

  • Your next step is to edit the content of your email signature.

Have a different signature for every campaign

Your next step is to edit your email footer. Go to the signature field on the right. As in any signature, write your name, title, and company name first. It is to be followed by your contact information. That piece of information should be completed with your email address for a minimalist signature. Some marketers do not feel comfortable using their e-signatures for marketing purposes. Yet, you can drive more leads by adding more engaging content to your email signature. You may for example add a banner or an image, a logo of your company, and a promotional statement in a large, colorful font under the banner. You may create as many as 10 signatures on Gmail. You can sign off with a different signature according to your intended outcome. Each signature can have a different layout, a different banner, and a different CTA.

Adding an image, a CTA, and links to your Gmail signature

Among the most inviting email signatures created on Gmail, let us take the following examples. Invite your loyal customer and potential targets to engage in your next courses of action through different kinds of signatures for the same occasion. 

If you have an electronic visiting card, you can upload it as an email signature. Yet, some browsers may not always open the images right away. Thus, it is advisable to type your name and personal data separately. To upload a banner, click on the image icon and upload an existing image from your computer. Another possibility is to paste an image URL to use an image from your website or blog in your signature. 

For Independence Day, create as many email signatures as possible to launch your products. Have each employee in your department sign off their emails to clients and prospects with promotional email signatures, displaying firecrackers, the glowing city under the dazzling light of fireworks in the background of the banner, and add an image of the promoted item in the middle of the banner. Also, get immediate customer engagement by writing the discounted price on the right of the banner, with a large captivating font.

In conclusion, you can create and save many electronic signatures to enhance brand name on Gmail. Having the banner created ahead of time before appending it to the signature is recommended. For more tips on how to design beautiful email footers, browse on 1001 Email Signatures. Do not forget to link your website and social media pages to your email signature for more clicks and to trigger more traffic to your website.


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