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Find the most casual email signature examples

In business, an email looks incomplete and lacks professionalism without a signature. Some people choose to use trendy eye-catchy signatures for their business communication; whereas others prefer to remain discreet. Even so, an email signature always plays a vital role in encouraging customer engagement. As you know, a poorly designed email ending removes enthusiasm for potential clients. So how to design an inspiring email signature while being casual?

How to remain discreet in your email signatures?

An email signature contains basic components such as the sender’s name, title, and company name. Furthermore, you need to display the company logo, website URL, and other useful links. Practical hints to designing discreet signatures on Scribe-Mail include:

  • Make the signature simple, by using a light background color with at most two different font colors. The most common font colors for classic email signatures are black and blue. Adding another color will make the signature more vibrant.

  • Do not overload the signature with unnecessary information such as your previous positions and college degrees.


What is a sober email signature?

An email signature is no other than an electronic visiting card; thus, writing your job title is enough in your signature. This means that it is not necessary to describe your whole life journey and work experience in your signature. As for the contact information, you only need to display the most common phone number you use, with an email address, for the customers to connect with you. In other words, it is not necessary to give a long list of all your phone numbers - such as yours and your company’s phone number and the address of your business in your signature. Limiting the information shared to the most essential details makes it sometimes more powerful and efficient.

Find the most casual email signature examples

The most casual email signatures have a more compact display. The owner’s profile photo is on the left, and next to it, you can read the email sender’s name, job title, and a company name. It is followed by a telephone number and website URL. Adding your company address to your signature is optional unless you expect your customers or audience to visit your workplace. If a company logo is used, then, do not overload it with an oversized profile photo.


10 examples of subtle email signatures by 1001 Email Signatures

  1. Display your profile photo. This is suitable for freelance business owners. Under your photo, you can add links to your social media page, your name, position, contact information, and a website URL. Email signatures can bring a highlight to freelancers and agencies since they can be used to promote their portfolios and services.

  2. Email signature with the company logo. This is appropriate for small or large companies. Each team member‘s signature can display the owner’s profile photo on the top left. Next to it, you can add your name, title, phone number, with or without your email address.

  3. A company banner. Having the company banner displayed under your contact information helps raise visibility to your signature and to enhance marketing. To make it more elegant and casual, it is recommended to use classic color combinations, like white text over a blue background.

  4. A call-to-action-button. A banner seems incomplete without a call-to-action. To remain discreet and efficient, keep the font simple and readable. The most common font for subtle email signatures is Georgia or Calibri. Use normal font size to keep the email signature classic. Whether you plan to organize an event or sell goods, you can do it through the banner and the call-to-action-button.

  5. The company motto. This is often neglected by small business owners; yet, the company motto is a good incentive to make customers remember the type of business you offer. The most effective motto is not too wordy but catchy. It should consist of two short phrases at most.

  6. A well-balanced content. Another aspect of the best classic email signature is that its content is appropriate to the type of business you offer. Using a high pixel profile image, clear company logo, easy-to-read fonts, and well-balanced color combinations play important roles in the design of classic signatures.

  7. Links to new offers: Regular updates in your blog and website may go unnoticed without sharing the links with your readers. Keep your audiences and customers posted on the latest newsletters, promotions, or events by sharing the links to your signatures.

  8. Social media icons: You can get more clicks and website visits by activating your social media contacts. Therefore, in your email signature, add links to your social media channels to redirect customers to your pages right away.

  9. Increase sales and brand awareness: keep your business partners and customers engaged with articles on sales, new launches and other marketing campaigns. Also, encourage your employees to send more emails every day to new leads and make them aware of your brand.

  10. Promote customer service: With your email signature, you can remind your audience of customer care and after-sale services. Among the call-to-action in this service, you can easily collect feedback from your customers to help improve business processes and goods. This is an important component of inbound business. Besides, additional surveys can be conducted to collect potential customer interests to open up new types of businesses.

In conclusion, it can be said that you can design classic signatures that match your objectives with different online tools like Scribe-Mail. Whatever types of business you have, there is always a matching signature to promote your services and increase customer engagement.

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