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Market your company thanks to email signature

The email signature has many more functions than just signing the end of an email. Indeed, you can easily market your brand or your products and services with a smart and elegant email signature. Discover how to create an email signature and how you can increase sales and turnover with your email signature.

Seasonal email signatures

Let your recipients marvel at the summertime displayed in your signature and fancy flying kites or strolling in such a beautiful landscape. The template is available on 1001 Email Signatures. It is a fascinating signature to share your emotion early before the next summer vacation, to plan your activities in the remote peaceful village of your choice.

There is also a cute goldfish leaping in a pond, reminiscent of the amazing South and Central America. In the right column, you can read the sender’s name and contact details, and a call to spend your next vacation in the home of this wonderful creature. This style can be adopted if you are in tourism or organize a tour across the country.

This one is another variation of the same type of signature, where an attractive promotional banner is used to inform customers about the seasonal discounts at the end of the year or before Independence Day. The banner displays images of the event and a catchphrase. The sender’s personal information and contact are put above the banner. A disclaimer can be added too under the banner.


Gold design on white background

Color combination requires creative skills, and with the templates, you can design just the right signature to match your needs and taste. An eye-catching signature can consist of a dark blue or a dark brown banner with gold texts to produce warmth. This is ideal to call the audience for high quality or prestigious moment. The glamorous design is elegant enough to inspire your audience to click on what is behind such a sparkling signature.

This template is also available in an animated .gif, which displays various summer activities every couple of seconds. The goal is to invite the recipient to have a quick look at the activities to do when they take the tour on their next vacation. The template is easy to modify, all you need is to upload your most beautiful pictures, showcasing the most fascinating summer activities.

Modern email signature

A touch of modernity is catchy to highlight your brand name for a promotional sale. It combines bold colors like red, orange, or bright green with black over a white background. This professional signature can be more effective with a few call-to-action buttons and a disclaimer. This boosts the customer’s confidence in your brand, as it implies you comply with the law. Installation is automatic for Gmail, Outlook, and O365 email users. Yet, an installation code is to be copied and pasted in your email signature setting for any other email provider users. The new trend is to frame the logo in a specific shape, including round, hexagonal, or triangular. With a banner, the effect is more captivating. A promotional banner or two can be attached under the sender’s personal information and social media links.

Two-column email signature

The trend is to use a two-column email signature, and each column displays specific data: about the sender and the company. This template can come with a. GIF on which calls-to-action are written, and they change every 2 seconds. This is suitable to provide instructions to the audience before they attend an event. It can be used for inbound or outbound marketing, to keep the audience informed about what to do before booking a flight to a foreign country. This can be also used to promote guidelines to the recipients about how to keep fit through simple exercises. The catchphrase under the image provides further notice to guide the audience to the right path.


Minimalistic email signature

If you want to be more discreet, this style is the one for you. Just stick to the basics and add a few clicks to your email address and website URL. Adding the sender’s photo or a logo is a must to build the recipient’s confidence if you choose this design. This is appropriate if your goal is to provide customer care services or quick links to e-books for download. You can combine both your profile photo and your logo to be more professional, without being too wordy.

Instructional email signature

This signature is common with healthcare providers. To invite people to take good care of their teeth, you can have a GIF banner with changing calls-to-action, instructing people on how to maintain a bright smile. The same design can be adapted by headmasters, shopkeepers, or anyone working with a lot of crowds, instructing people on the courses of action to take to stay safe during the pandemic. It does not require any skill to create this email signature. All you need is a few slides containing the instructions. The email signature tool will take care of everything else. You can add a few images to be interchangeably displayed with the calls.

In conclusion, you can promote your business through your email signature. Easy to create, you can get more clicks on your web pages and blogs with the help of smart signatures. With a tool like 1001 Email Signatures, you can professionalize your correspondence and make a big difference.

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