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How to improve the opening rate?

Improving your opening rate is not always a question of in-mail content. Find all the techniques to improve your opening rate in this guide by 1001 Email Signatures.


Sending emails from a set of IPs

An IP address or Internet Protocol address represents a unique numerical code that is linked with the device which provides an internet network. 

If using a set of IPs, many users can have access to the same internet network. The best set of IPs for marketing purposes is the one used for mass emails. Thus, it is shared by many users. The IP popularity is defined by the users according to its quality. Because it is shared among many users, the group of IP is designed for bulk emails from different users. If any of the IP users do not follow the regulations, it can affect the reputation of the whole set. This means that to get more opens, it is important to ensure that you are sending your emails from a well-reputed set of IPs.

Sending emails from a Dedicated IP

On the other hand, a Dedicated IP is for a single user and it is not to be shared with any other users. Thus, the IP reputation depends mainly on the customer. Therefore, the quality campaign is based on the volume of the data that they use. It is also based on the number of times when the user sends emails. For more opening rates, the user is in charge of maintaining a good schedule on when is the right time to send bulk emails to the clients.

Send emails through specific domains

Starting business managers often use free email suppliers to dispatch their emails to their clients and prospects. Yet a problem with using such a free domain like Gmail or Yahoo is that you cannot control the domain name. Thus, the marketer can't send as many emails as they want without being filtered by the free domain. To get permission to send promotional emails without being controlled by the free service provider, it is helpful for the marketer to buy a domain or use an email generator to send emails in the best interest of the company. This means that if you want to send a large number of emails to your prospects, it is necessary to own your domain or to send from a tool like Scribe-Mail.

Send emails through specific domains

Send emails without an anti-spam filter

If you use services from free email address providers to send marketing emails for clients, your messages are more likely to get filtered and end up in the spam folder. This means that you have to comply with the anti-spam policies offered by the email providers for their free services. However, if you send your marketing campaigns from an email marketing platform like Scribe-Mail, you can improve your email deliverability and opening rate. In other words, the presence of strict anti-spam policies in free email address services makes it difficult for the marketer to increase the opening rate. 

Set an appropriate timing

To enhance opening, it is also a good idea to consider the time when subscribers are more likely to open their inbox and check their emails. People receive many emails every day; and if you send your email at an inconvenient time, they may just skip opening your email. you should for example avoid sending marketing emails on Monday and Friday, when most people are busier at work. The most suitable days to send email newsletters are Tuesday and Thursday when people feel more relaxed. To know more about the perfect time to send your pitch, you can get some of the essential tips on how A/B tests are performed on 1001 Email Signatures. On this site, you can also discover other essential tricks for a higher email read rate.

In general, the email opening rate is at the highest at 10 am, when most people take a short break from work, or at 1 pm, after lunch. However, it is essential to consider the recipients’ location and time zone for the best result. It is also a good idea to consider the audience’s age group and occupation to be more successful. This means that people’s availability also plays an important role in increasing the email opening rate from your company. Also, it is good to remember that the best time to send work-related content is during working hours; however, if you plan an event and plan to dispatch emails to promote your seasonal sales or conference, you can expect more responses when sending your emails a little before the morning or afternoon break.

Keep everything clean

  • To increase your chance to get a more open rate, it is essential to keep your code clean. This means that to avoid hurting deliverability, you should not neglect some of the most essential practices that ensure deliverability. Also, it is crucial to activating other essential features as optimized customer registration (opt-in), while checking any other important code elements.

  • Make sure that your marketing emails do not end up in the customers’ spam folder by making sure that you comply with all the rules and regulations concerning authentication and permission when sending marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, improving an email opening rate is not merely a matter of avoiding the trap of a spam filter. Special care should be taken when framing the subject line. Plus, precautions should be taken to comply with all the rules and regulations for effective business emails. Also, you can learn more about warming up your IP addresses when sending marketing emails on 1001 Email Signatures. 

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