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Top email warm-up tools and solutions

To avoid getting flagged as spam, it is essential for marketers to warm up their emails. This means, warming up your email account is vital to make your email marketing campaign better. Find out the best tools to add vitality to your emails and within 5 steps, learn how to do it.

1.   Act more human while launching your pitch

Sending tons of emails at once is inhuman. If you do so, your messages will automatically end up in the spam box, and your hard work will be fruitless. Instead of sending 2000 emails a day, it is good to consider the limitations concerning the daily email sending and reduce the number. Setting a calendar to send emails to your potential clients is essential to space out your sent messages. A good technique is to track the customers' email opening by activating the menu. If you notice that your prospect opens your email regularly, this means that they are interested in the offer or services. Otherwise, your effort is in vain and you may need to act differently.

2.   Reconnect with quiet subscribers

Give warmth to your email with re-engagement campaigns and get silent subscribers to reconnect with your brand. The aim is to remind them about their interests and give them interesting offers to persuade your potential clients to be engaged with your messages. Tips and techniques to carefully plan your promotional campaign can be found on 1001 Email Signatures. You may start by sympathizing with your clientele by addressing their pain points, and offer the relevant solutions in your blog. The last step should be more appealing and warmer, which is an offer to remedy the situation with your solutions.


3.   Avoid spam jargons

With careful choice of words, you can add warmth to your email and avoid being considered spam. Spam filters are equipped with a long list of words that make your email sound like a bot. Thus, to increase delivery, make your email sound more natural by avoiding strong call-to-actions as a subject line. Such words include “Free!”, “Shop now!”, or “Write to us!” should not be used as a subject of your email. Instead, give more warmth to your email with a more natural subject line, as if you are writing to a friend or an acquaintance.


4.   Develop a consistent email strategy

Sending emails too often to your potential clientele may lead to boredom and your email will certainly eventually be moved into the spam messages. Yet, sending your pitch once a semester or once a year shows that you lack commitment and your target may think that your business is not serious. This implies that it is necessary to get help from an email warming-up tool to schedule your pitch effectively.

Top email warm-up tools and solutions

5.   Build beautiful emails

Beautiful emails can always get higher read rates from the audience. Design your email with illustration banners and informative links to make it different from the boring ones. Using an email generator can help you make your email more inspiring to read. Also, it is essential to curate the content before sending your message to your target audience. To be successful, you need to check for broken links, the image and texts are clear, and your message is personalized. Also, it is important to avoid attachments as they can be considered malware by the spam filter.

In conclusion, it is necessary to adjust the sending schedule and act more humanlike. Use a tool to warm your emails. Here is a list of 5 tools that can help you increase email deliverability:

GMass. GMass uses automatic features to detect the right setting for your account. It is a free email warm-up tool that enables you to send tons of emails to Google Workspace.

Mailwarm. Mailwarm advises on sending thousands of quality emails to your prospects every day to avoid ending up in the spam filter.











Mailshake.  Their tip to reduce your chance to end up in the spam mailbox is to act human. This means that the key is to avoid using computer jargon to qualify as a warm email.
















Feshto Email. Feshto Email uses the customer-first approach to make cold emails warm. An amazing collection of email templates is offered to its subscribers.





















Scribe-Mail. This tool is convenient for new and experienced internet users connect their account and give warmth to your emails.

Scribe Mail
Feshto Email
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