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10 tips to highlight your email signature

Signing off with a stimulating email signature is a good way to induce your customers to become more engaged in your services. But can you make your email signature more inspiring without being a specialist? Discover the tiny tweaks that will help you to say goodbye to a boring email signature!


1. Interesting content

It is also a good idea to vary the content of the signature to be more engaging. This means that it is time to shift from the classic minimalistic email signature which is mainly text-based. Add links to your blog or e-book to your signature, and inspire more reads to free webinars or samples.

2. Clear fonts

Make your email signature more appealing with a better text treatment. It is recommended to vary the font type and size. Use bold, italic, and capital letters. Also, you can vary the text size to emphasize certain information like the brand name or the catchphrase. The promotional phrase should stand out with different colors and sizes from the rest of the information.

3. Make it memorable

Do you know why some people love ending their message with a famous quote? This is because the message is easy to be remembered if it is catchy and short. You can leave a good impression on the reader with a catchy slogan or a driving call-to-action in your last words to them. In addition to your name, title, and contact information, you can add your logo or profile photo, with the image of the promoted product and website links.


4. High-quality image

It is worth noting that poor images get less chance of getting the customer's engagement. In contrast, if you have a well-designed banner to promote your sales and products, you can effectively drive more leads and have the intended customers click on the links provided. The company logo should not be oversized, and your profile photo should be clear too. It is recommended to use a colored image instead of a black and white picture.


5. A promotional banner

To promote sales before Independence Day, for example, you can use a flag in your banner, over a white background. The main colors of the signature fonts can be white and dark blue. You can add an image of your promoted article in the center of the banner, which can be a watch or a mug, or any personalized item for the occasion. To the right of the image, you can add an inspiring phrase that consists of 1 or 4 words.

6. A well-balanced color

It is worth noting that to avoid being considered as a spam email, it is important to avoid using extravagant colors in your signature. Using too many colors may make your email signature unprofessional. Instead, make your email footer more interesting by having 2 colors, one predominant and the second one is complimentary. You can learn more about the color combinations and their meanings on 1001 email signatures. Just stick to the company color for simple business letters. Yet, you can use other colors to promote seasonal sales. To launch promotional sales for the Chinese New Year, for example, the predominant color is red. The font should be white to add beauty and visibility to your email signature.

7. Cta email signature

To be engaging, there should be links to your blog or social media pages in your signature. This helps you to redirect your audience and get prompt replies to your CTA. This is a good tool to plan and increase attendance at your zoom conference or seasonal events. Examples of calls-to-action may invite the audience to download a free book, take an online survey, or play a free demo. Other calls may direct them to participate in a webinar or to attend a virtual conference or training. There are many possible ways to call the prospects to action.

8. Award display

You can also encourage your audience to attend an event with the promise of awards in your email signature. Use your email signature as an opportunity to redirect your audience to see the available awards, certificates, or titles you have acquired. This type of signature is appropriate for students who are looking for a job. This is also a good idea for an employee who is looking for a job promotion. This type of signature can be also used to launch a brand name by displaying the badges or awards that the company has received.

9. Get more subscribers to your newsletter

One of the reasons why you have fewer subscribers to your company newsletter is that people do not know where or how to subscribe to it. Yet, the simplest way to get more subscribers is through an email signature. This could be done by providing a clickable CTA to the subscription menu. You will see that more crowds will become members of your newsletter because of your email footer.

10.   Strengthen client relationships

Nowadays, most people use social media to communicate and get information. On Facebook and Twitter, for example, you can learn a lot about anything. This means that it is essential to generate content for both your loyal and prospective customers on the social media pages. Also, it is essential to mention customer service when you sign off to improve the tie with your clientele. This should be completed with available phone numbers and a link to the map showing the physical address of your company if it is necessary. The social media logos should be linked to your pages to facilitate information retrieval.

In conclusion, make your email signature more engaging with an invitation to carry out certain actions to let the audience know more about your offer. To provide you with the best ideas on how to catch your clients' attention, you can go to 1001 email signatures.

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