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5 email signatures personalization ideas

Are you planning to enhance your brand name and make more revenue? Or are you thinking about promoting your business for the coming Christmas? New Year's Eve? Halloween? Or any other cultural events? Are you planning Black Friday sales? You can try email signature marketing and make more leads to attract more customers. Many businesses use email footers to get more customers and engage them, but it is rather a challenging task. To be successful you have to remind yourself that personalization remains the key! Always keep in mind that the final target remains B2B. So link events with a high ROI for the companies. For instance, to promote Black Friday, you can invite customers to come to your sales while mentioning the discount rate they will receive if they go. You may even think about ending your Christmas CTA with a saying like "a big period of turnover for the companies”. On 1001 Email Signatures, you can find great ideas on how to customize your email footer for seasonal events. When you are ready, it is time you start to create your seasonal electronic signature. Many customizable templates can be found on Scribe-Mail. Feel free to reach out to us if any event might be missing.


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