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How to add or create an email signature in Outlook?

Are you looking for the best way to attracting more customers to your business through the email you send to them? A personalized signature is a good incentive to lead your audiences to one or a few steps further instead of merely reading your message. This tutorial is designed to help you create and install smart and elegant email signatures at the bottom of your email.


How to create an email signature on Outlook?

Traditional business people relied on signing their email with their full name and email address. Yet, not many readers use that piece of information to reply to the email. Nowadays, you can use an email signature to inspire your audiences or prospective customers to take follow-up courses of action as instructed by the email sender. This guideline is about creating an electronic footer for your business correspondence on 1001 email signature. Sign up on this signature provider with your regular Outlook email address. Automatically, your personal information will be synced to this platform. On the dashboard, you will see your full name and photo. To make the signature more beautiful, you may change your picture with a higher-resolution profile photo. Edit your name font and change its color and size to make it stand out. Next, fill in the form with your title, company brand and contact information, and website URL. Now you have a minimum email signature.

Email signature on Outlook - 1001 Email Signatures

How to install the signature on Outlook?

Before installing the signature, proceed with the payment plan. The price varies according to the number of people in your department. The basic monthly rate is about 5 dollars for a single user. 1001 email provider is user-friendly and interesting discounts are offered for multiple signature users. A little higher than 50 percent discount is offered if there are 2 members in your department. The price is more interesting if you have more people in your department. Once your pricing plan is set, your signature will be automatically installed on your Outlook email. Anyway, you can choose the most suitable signature to be used from the proposed templates. You can add 1 or 2 banners with specific call-to-action buttons to redirect the email recipients to your business goals.

Email signature on Outlook - 1001 Email Signatures

Examples of outstanding email signatures on Outlook

  • Additional features are available to make your email signature look more professional. Among the add-ons, you can have social media icons, banners, and call-to-action buttons. All these components are essential for awe-inspiring email footers.

  • If you design signatures for a small or large enterprise, sharing the company signature is advisable to promote business. With the numerous emails that your employees send every day, take the opportunity to reach out to as many audiences as possible to get more attendants to a conference or a sales exhibit.

  • You can encourage a large number of new visitors to your art gallery with a single click from your email signature. This can be done by having an attractive banner under your contact information, with a call-to-action button.

  • You can get your Outlook email signature updated automatically with this platform. Also, there is no need for each department member to manually edit your company signatures.

In conclusion, without hiring a specialist, you can create, edit and install a beautiful signature for your electronic message. You can design it with a minimum layout for a discreet footer. Yet, elegant signatures are designed with an artistic banner that is more engaging for your audiences. Besides, it is recommended to install seasonal updates of your signatures if your goal is to exhibit new products or promote sales.

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