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How to add or create an email signature in O365?

A signature is a way to personalize your email to your various contacts. You can end your email with an elegant signature whatever email provider you use. For many people, it can be a difficult task to have a smart signature as email footer. This is a tutorial on how to leave an outstanding mark at the end of your O365 mail.

Get help from the best tutorials to create and install your email signature on O365

Email signatures can act more than a simple signature because they can be used to promote your business and connect with customers or clients. Thus, if you want to have your email marked with a lovely footer, why don’t you try using 1001 email signatures? With the templates available, create your unique signatures and get noticed by many more audiences. Use your email address to sign up for your email signature account. Your name and profile photo will be displayed on the platform as soon as you are logged in. If you are an individual worker, choose the best font for your name; then, change the font color to match your taste. Add your title, company, phone number and email address, and home address, and among the free templates provided, find the most appropriate one for you. Now you are ready to install it on your O365 mail. 

How to install the signature on O365 mail?

Before installing the signature, you should proceed with the next step, which is pricing. A monthly fee is required for regular updates and other necessary services in maintaining your email signature. Discounts are offered for multiple signature users. This applies to small or large enterprises in which the company signature can be shared among 2 or more employees. These quick steps help you to install an email signature:

  • Choose your pricing method: the basic rate is approximately 5 dollars for a single user. For 2 or more department members, discounts are given. The rate is much more interesting if the email signature is shared among many users.

  • Once your pricing method is set, your signature will be automatically installed on your email signature. Now that everything is set, you are ready to use your new signature. Write an email to your colleagues and current customers and see if all the links are working well. The best thing with this offer is that team member’s signatures are automatically updated on this email provider.

How to install the signature on O365 mail?

Examples of outstanding email signatures on O365

For a minimal signature, it is not necessary to overload your signature with much personal information. For bigger enterprises, you can create a department, and all your employees can use variations of the same signature to enhance your business. Making your email footer more professional is key to get more customer involvement; thus, adding a logo, a banner, a call-to-action, and a few social media icons make a lot of difference in marketing.

An artistic banner under your personal information is quite attractive and engaging. Add one or two call-to-action buttons to redirect the email recipients to your blog or website. You may also use a thematic banner to inspire your audiences if you plan to organize a specific event.

In conclusion, it can be said that it is challenging to have an engaging email signature at the end of your message. That is why many people require the help of a specialist to perform the task. However, with 1001 email signatures, you can perform all the tasks without having anyone come into your office to install it. Besides, you are free to change or update your signature at any time, especially if you want to promote your products or organize a zoom meeting with your audiences.

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