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How to add or create an email signature in Apple Mail?

Apple mail is a popular email provider among Apple users. If you have an Apple ID, use it to sign in and have access to its email services. It can be used to send and receive emails from any other providers. To make your email stand out, why don’t you add an original electronic signature at the end of your message?

Start by finding the best tutorials

If you want to have a beautiful email footer but do not know where to start, you can follow the instructions from the following tutorial. Follow these quick steps to add your signature:


  • Through your email address, sign in to 1001 email signatures and create your free account. It will automatically sync your profile and you will see your name, title, and profile photo on the dashboard.

  • Create a department, which will enable you to create various signatures for your team members. Signature sharing is an important aspect of email signatures designed on this platform. Yet, freelance professionals need not create a department before having a signature.

  • Check your name, job title and see if everything is right. Next, fill in your company name and add a logo. You can edit the font size and color to match your business brand.

  • Do not forget to connect your signature to your website URL, which will redirect your customers or audiences to your pages, website, or blog from your email signature.

  • You may include other add-ons like a call-to-action banner and social media icons.


How to install the signature on Apple Mail?

Getting your signature installed on your email provider means that you are ready to use all the other services offered by 1001 email signatures. The next step brings you to the choice of pricing. It is worth noticing that interesting discounts are offered if you share the signature with more than 10 or 20 department members. After that, go back to the Signature section and then Install Signature. You will find it at the bottom of the page. A code will be given to you to install your signature. So, your next step is to copy and paste the code onto your email provider signature setting. It is recommended to use Chrome or Firefox, rather than Safari, to open the signature to keep it at its original state. Then, click on Signatures in the Preferences under the Mail menu. Select your Apple mail account and click on +, it is on the same menu.  Follow the rest of the instructions and save the changes. Now, your signature is ready.

Examples of outstanding email signatures on Apple Mail

Examples of outstanding email signatures on Apple Mail

The classic layout displays your name in a larger font, your title, and your company name. it is followed by your contact information and email address, social media icons, and logo. If necessary, you can add a disclaimer under the logo. This is popular with more discreet users. The smart signature layout is much more practical and trendy in today’s business as it facilitates communication between the business owner and their audiences. In addition to the basic signature components, you can add one or two banners that come with clickable call-to-action buttons. This signature is both smart and elegant as it looks good on your email and serves as a tool to redirect your customers to further services or meetings.

In conclusion, here are a few recommendations for the most suitable signature. Choose the most appropriate email signature layout by using the templates available on the 1001 email signatures dashboard. If you are satisfied with a specific design, you can proceed with the next step, which is installing the signature on your Apple mail. 

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