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Writing a great email signature

Brand your message to your potential client and boost your brand recognition. Marketers use the footer of their email as a follow-up campaign to provide customer support and inspire actions. In this article, discover how to go further with your email signature, and use these nice features to create an outstanding one.

Font style and size

Some businesspeople choose the minimalist email signature to make the intended reader focus more on contact information. To represent your company, you should include your first name and surname, title, company name, and phone numbers. However, the problem is that some marketers use fancy fonts to write their name and company name. Signing your name in script or any other handwritten font makes your signature more authentic and beautiful. Yet, you should bear in mind that some browsers do not support fancy fonts. Thus, the reader will just miss the most valuable information. Instead, it is advisable to use web-safe fonts that can be read by most browsers, like Arial, Calibri, Courier New, Verdana, Georgia, Trebuchet, and Helvetica. The same font can be used for the disclaimer. To ensure compatibility across multiple email clients, it is recommended to use safe fonts.



To make an effective email signature, you need to consider the season, event, or type of campaign you are talking about. To promote products for Christmas, for example, green is red are suitable colors for an email signature. You can use light or colorful palette schemes to sign off your email and attract more clients for the Easter sales. The key is to avoid making your signature look pale as it is not inspiring, but it is also recommended to avoid flashy colors. Adding too many colors to the signature is unprofessional. The ideal is to use only 2 basic colors with white. Set a primary color like black or blue or red, according to the occasion. You may choose a secondary color to compliment it. The fonts can be in black and white to make them easy to read. You can design many email signatures with different colors for the same purpose. 

Images and banners

In a minimalist email signature, the marketer only adds their profile photo or logo to the personal information. A GIF is not highly recommended as it may not be supported by some of your clients’ browsers. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a simple image format to add beauty to your signature. If your goal is to stimulate sales through an email trademark, you should consider adding 1 or 2 promotional banners to your signature, just under the contact information. Each banner requires a specific call-to-action to guide your prospects to the next step of your funnel. 


Theme categories

An effective email signature includes promotional campaigns to lure as many people as possible. Since the email is addressed to regular customers or prospects, it is important to show them any upcoming sales or product launches and inform them ahead of time to plan their budget. Creating email signatures for the event is essential to boost customers’ engagement. It is more professional to use an Easter email signature with a bunny and eggs to promote articles and discounts for Easter sales. Of course, you are not going to use the same email signature for Independence Day or any other eventual promotion. For Valentine’s Day, for example, use a signature with a cupid and red hearts to the left, and add the image of the product that you wish to promote in the center of the banner. on the right, you signal the interesting discounted price to inspire your targets. Next to the banner, add a call-to-action button to redirect them to further details or to order right away. Well-chosen images make your banner more elegant and smarter.

To promote sales for Halloween, use a banner with an image of carved pumpkins and a black cat to add excitement to the event, and use large thematic font from Scribe-Mail to make your email signature unique. Anyway, you can personalize your email footer for every event and seasonal promotion.

Creating cohesive email signatures

Cohesive email signatures are variations of the same electronic signature that your company creates for the employees. The names, titles, and contact information vary according to the employee information; yet, you can keep the company logo and banner to create uniformity. With an email signature tool, you can create amazingly cohesive signatures for your department members in a few minutes. Once the employee data is collected, it is easy to deal with the rest. Scribe-Mail is an email signature generator that is suitable for small and large businesses. It can help you to update your department’s signatures automatically. This is crucial to promote seasonal sales especially if you have to take part in different sales for an occasion. Using different signatures creates an opportunity for more leads as it signals to the clients that there is always something new and interesting for them. Thus, it increases click rates on your pages and helps to boost your brand name.


To create more leads for your marketing campaigns, generate nice and edgy email signatures with a tool like Scribe-Mail. The design is mobile-friendly and suitable for different email providers. Signature installation is free with an interesting discount pricing for many department members. The templates are supported by major email clients and browsers.

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