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3 use cases to highlight email signature importance

Creating a cohesive signature for the employees of the same department is an amazing technique to launch a brand name. It consists of linking a clickable banner to a brand name in each email sent by the employees. What are the 3 most important email signature marketing use cases? Also, discover 3 applications to get the best out of your email signature.

3 email signature use case on 1001 Email Signatures

  • Promoting an event
    To organize an event, you can drive in more attendants by ending your email invitation with an appropriate email signature. Whether you organize a conference or a webinar, email signature marketing is the simplest way to get the attention of the prospects to respond to your invitation in time and get more people to register for the event. The result is more satisfying if all employees sign their email with a cohesive email signature. It is indeed a subtle call-to-action to get more audience registration to a forthcoming event and get them to watch related videos instantly. A successful email signature is reported to increase the weekly rate of registrants by 48.5 percent. Getting the customers’ attention is challenging but with an interesting banner to end your message, you can increase the conversion rate to 4.29 percent according to Smart Insights Actionable Marketing Advice. 


  • Launching a new product
    Email is always the most pervasive tool in marketing. Signing off your message with a product-demo CTA is an appealing technique to promote a brand. Some customers prefer to watch a video on the product of their interest before ordering, and through an email signature, marketers can overflow their inboxes with follow-up messages to order the item. You can drive more enthusiasm to know more about your offer immediately by 65 percent. To expose an offer, highlight the new product with awe-inspiring banners to sign off your email. With an eye-catching banner to sign their emails to potential customers, California Closets for instance managed to catch the attention of 7,000 viewers to their promotional sales. A good strategy is to have all employees send a mass email to all prospects and customers with a product launch signature.


  • Getting more audience to sign up to free trial
    A free trial lets your potential clients use a product or know more about a service before totally engaging with it. Through the CTA banner in the signature, customers are redirected to the product and get enough information about the value they will get some time before they decide to make a purchase. Thanks to email signature marketing, you can increase the chance to sell a product by 35 percent. The word “free” can build the confidence of the target customers, and once satisfied, they will pass on the information to other prospective clients.


3 different applications to get the best out of your email signature

  • 1001 email signatures
    Make your email look more proficient with this app and boost a brand name. With a well-designed signature, you can enhance marketing programs. It comes with a free tutorial to guide the user to design the content of an effective email-footer. Without the help of any specialist, you can create an inspiring signature in a few minutes. Email signature marketing includes planning and tracking all emails sent by your team members. Equally, the tool can be used to conduct data analytics of the emails sent by the department and increase interaction between the entrepreneur and the clientele. On the dashboard, the user can select the appropriate font and upload images for a beautiful design. Quite customizable, you can generate your professional email signature from the templates.


  • Scribe-Mail
    Scribe-Mail is an email signature generator to help the user create, deploy and install their email-footer. The tool offers different font styles and colors to design an inspiring email trademark. Also, it gives clear instructions on how to create and install cohesive signatures for all members of your department, which is profitable for small or large businesses. Without any skill, you can update all employee signatures in a single click. Additionally, you can use the tool to plan and track the company emails at a scheduled time. Links to dynamic content are added for more efficient interaction between the sender and the audience. From the email signature templates, redirect your audience to your blog and web pages, or use a product or a service for free.


  • My E-Signature
    Encourage the audience response rates with My Email Signature. With the templates, get your signature created and installed on your mobile device. The goal is to enhance your brand name and invite the audience to respond to your call-to-action. The tool can be also used to promote sales and services. You can take your audience to your social media pages directly from your email-footer. Additional features include beautiful fonts, dynamic banners, and CTA. You can generate more clicks and get more traffic to your web content by installing the app on your device. Looking more professional, your email can let your business thrive through My E-Signature. Additional benefits include data tracking and employee signature management.

    To conclude, email signature marketing is inevitable to raise customers’ incentives for faster brand name recognition. By having an email signature app installed on your mobile device, you can send emails to your prospects and returning clientele anywhere. The apps offer a variety of customizable templates to end your email professionally.


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