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Top email signatures generators

Would you like to increase customer engagement and enhance your brand? Email signature marketing is an effective technique to achieve your goal. So you need to sign off elegantly to drive more traffic to your business. Find out the best time-saving tools to automatically generate nice, creative email signatures.


1. Scribe-Mail

Scribe-Mail is one of the most convenient email signature generators as it requires no skill and the steps are easy to follow. The available templates are presented with many clickable options. You need to provide some personal details such as your company name, logo, telephone numbers, and email address. Besides, you can add a banner from the bank or your drive, and add a call-to-action to send a clear instruction to the audience. On 1001 Email Signatures, additional tips are available if you want to update your cohesive email signatures.

Scribe Mail

2. Xink Brand

Generate your email footer with the templates from Xink and add a professional look to your emails. The tool is also suitable for Gmail (G Suite), Office 365, Outlook, and Mail (Mac). It is convenient for many employees as you can use the templates to generate cohesive signatures for your employees’ emails to launch your brand. The fonts are customizable and you can upload your logo if it is not yet displayed from your email account.

xink Brand

3. Newoldstamp

On Newoldstamp, you can create your email footer from the existing models. Once you have finished designing a trademark of your choice, the next step is to incorporate your websites and social media pages into the electronic signature. To make it more attractive and smart, it is recommended to add a promotional banner with a matching image under your personal information. It is accompanied by a call-to-action, linking the message to some courses of action. Also, you can use the opportunity to add a link to some pages of your website or blog, all of these services are offered by this tool. The tool is also handy as it enables you to manage the signatures of your team from the dashboard. Your team’s email signature updates are done without having each employee modify their email signature individually.



4. Signature Maker

Signature Maker is an email signature creator based on HTML5, which allows you to sign your email messages as if they were handwritten. This is the perfect choice for those who want to personalize their email with their name displayed in professional handwriting. Using a modern browser such as Google Chrome, you can sign your name and then copy the created email signature and paste it into the signature setting of your email account. The best part of it is that the signature can be applied even to your Pdf or Word documents.

Signature Maker

5. Growth Mail

Growth Mail is another popular email signature generating tool. It is packed with a special feature. You can use the signature to market your brand. Also, the signature can be shared among your team members. Each member should send thousands of emails to potential customers every week. The signature platform provides tips for new users to personalize their fonts and images. If you need help to write the most convincing subject line for your email, this tool is also adequate to provide you with some insights and tips. The email signature can be saved as an image to be copied and pasted into the signature setting of your email account.

To conclude, you can impress your audience with the last part of your email and let them be driven to the promotional offers or services right away. Each tool has their peculiar traits, but to increase revenues, it is always good to choose the most convenient tool which allows regular updates without additional cost.

Growth Mail
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