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Best examples and ideas of artistic email signatures

Designing an artistic signature is a challenging task especially for new users. In this article, you will find the best examples of such luring email signatures, and learn how to create attractive email footers for your correspondence. Anyway, when talking about art, would you rather adopt the Johnny Cash or the Kanye West artistic signature?

What does the Johnny Cash email signature look like?

When you talk about Johnny Cash, two things come to mind: guitar and black; and not to forget how much his autograph is worth. To adopt his signature to your email, sign your name using a Johnny Cash handwritten font on a dark or charcoal background. On 1001 email signature, you can have your email signed that way, as it comes with various fonts of different sizes and colors. Get your customers inspired by making your name or your company name more visible. Under the signature, add a profile picture and company logo. Do not forget to insert your contact information, email address, and website URL too. This type of signature is more engaging if your goal is to organize a musical event or sell musical instruments.

How about ending your email with a Kanye West signature?

An email signature is an efficient way to customize your message and incite the audiences to take follow-up courses of action, as indicated by the sender. To promote more customer engagement, the best thing to do is to have artistic email signatures which can be scheduled for seasonal events or sales. Kanye West’s popularity is linked to his method, which is based on sampling. He relies on simplicity to achieve success. To promote marketing and business, adopt the creative but simple style of Kanye West. You can ask for assistance from email signature specialists to create your meaningful artistic signature just as your favorite artist has.

How to add an artistic touch to your email signature?

The first part of your email signature is your personal information. This consists of your full name, and basic professional information, including your title, company name, and brand. You may add your company location to encourage customer visits. Opt for specific fonts like the ones used by artists and pop singers to write your name. You can find similar fonts among the handwriting fonts for email signatures. The additional artistic component is shown by the logo and the banner, which might have been designed by an artist.

How to add an artistic touch to your email signature?

Communicate your art and emotions to your recipients

Take every opportunity in your email to communicate your art to your potential and returning clients. Use the footing part of your email to exhibit hidden talents to your readers. This can be a piece of artwork like artistic paintings, portraits, or landscapes. Likewise, use your email signature to convey your emotions to your audiences. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so, use this most important part of your message to inform the email recipients about your feelings and artistic skill.

Best examples of artistic signatures by 1001 Email Signatures

With the help of email signature specialists, you can have an artistic signature installed at your email footer. Among the most desired artistic signatures, let us consider some of the most beautiful artistic email signatures:

  • An artistic logo. Being an important aspect of an artistic signature, have your logo designed by a professional artist to get the desired outcome. Use a high-resolution photo if you want to add an image to it. Customize your email signature to make it look more appealing to the sight of potential consumers. A well-designed logo can attract more consumers to your brand; thus, it is crucial to use the right symbol that matches well with your brand.  

  • Beautiful banners. Banners are a must in an artistic signature. In an email signature, the banner may consist of an image or text art. Either way, it serves to convey a message to the audiences or email recipients. It is mostly more effective if it comes with a call-to-action button. Use a high-quality image as a banner. This could be from a piece of artwork that best represents your products.

  • Clickable links to call-to-action. Another trend in artistic signatures is the presence of clickable links to take the customers to the next step. It can redirect them to your Instagram art gallery, where the best samples of your products are displayed. Or, the link may take your audiences to online soundtracks where they can enjoy samples of your best musical performance. Successful artistic signature users come up with samples of their best products displayed on their social media pages or blogs to get more customer engagement and increase revenue.

  • Special features. Have luring artistic email signatures with the best colors and fonts at the bottom of your email. The ideal is to use at most 2 colors that suit your company brand. With 1001 email signatures, you can design a truly artistic email footer using various kinds of fonts, themes, and colors. All fonts are mobile-friendly and can be read with any device. Even so, it is safe to use classic fonts with your name, job title, and personal information to ensure readability among readers.

In conclusion, the list is not exhaustive when it comes to the possibility of designing and creating attractive endings to your email. However, it is advisable not to overload your signature with too much fancy artwork, as it may hide the real message to the intended recipients.

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