What should be in your email signature?

An email signature has become an important component of marketing nowadays. It helps the customer know a lot about the sender, the company and more useful information. Find out the most basic information that you must display in your email signature. Here is a must read article to increase brand recognition.

Name, Title, and department

Like any signature, sign your electronic message with your first name and surname. This is the first thing to put into an e-signature. Like in any mail or business correspondence, it is necessary to signal your first name and family name. Then, you have to add your title just under your name. Putting your title under your name adds credibility to the message and indicates that this is an important message. This means it makes the message more professional. The next piece of information is the department where you work. It reinforces the identity of your company and helps to establish brand recognition to the audience. This helps the audience retrieve your identity if they wish to speak to someone from your company.


Email address and telephone number

The next vital piece of information in an email signature is your email address. it is obvious that your contact can merely respond to your email from the ‘reply’ menu. Yet, if they wish to create a new message for you, they won’t have to look for your email address in the contact list or the previous emails. Putting your email address in your signature facilitates information retrieval for future communication. Aside from that, it is necessary to add your phone numbers just under the email address. As people do not use the same phone provider, the ideal is to enlist 2 or 3 numbers from different phone service providers. This way, your customers are not restricted to contact you from a single phone service carrier.

Company logo and company name

To solidify your brand identity, you need to sign off your email to your customers with the company logo and company name. Every mail should be signed, in the same way, that is, with the logo and the name of your brand or company. This reinforces the identity of your company and lets the recipient know whom they are talking to. Plus, it adds beauty to the signature and makes it look quite professional. When exchanging business emails with your clientele, do not forget to write your company name above the logo if it is not yet incorporated within the company emblem. You can use software to design your logo. On 1000 Email Signatures, you can find tips and ideas on how to display your personal information and company logo in your email signature.


Company physical address

Some may think this piece of information is redundant. Yet, if you wish your prospective customers and audience to visit your company, it is essential to put details about your company’s physical address in your email footer. This piece of information is required in your email signature because it ensures that your company is a real company with a physical address. Nowadays, people are worried about being scammed by fake service providers and non-existent companies. Adding your company physical address helps your clients locate you and find you especially if it is a shop or a restaurant or any other business.


Social media links

Social media is widely used by many people nowadays. There are many kinds of social media that marketers use to enhance business. On the other hand, many prospects use social media to look for solutions to their pain points. They compare information and after careful consideration of the different offers, they make a choice. A well-designed email signature plays a key role in inspiring the potential client to get engaged in your services and business. Most companies nowadays have official social media profiles. For marketing purposes, it is common to create official pages in various social media communities like Facebook, or Twitter, or the other. It facilitates interaction with prospective clients.

Banner and CTA

High-quality banners are essential in every signature especially if you launch a new product or organize an event. This is a subtle way to announce any important offer and invites your prospects to get more details about it. The technique is to explore the various templates on Scribe-Mail to give your some helpful ideas on how to design your banners and how to write the accompanying call-to-action. To attract the customer’s attention, why don’t you get free tips about creating your banners at 1001 Email Signatures? It is important to bear in mind that you can get more customer involvement with a high-quality banner. In other words, high-resolution images are recommended to make your signature more professional and are a great incentive to grow your customers. The banner should be accompanied by a call-to-action that redirects to a blog, a virtual tour of your company, or a visit to your gallery. 



Consisting of a block of legal text, a disclaimer adds more professionalism to the email signature. This component is crucial to every new email you send outside your organization. If you need help to write a disclaimer to your email signature, it is helpful to use an email signature tool. Scribe-Mail is a recommended tool for this purpose. You do not need to have any advanced knowledge in email signature creation before creating one with an appropriate disclaimer for your business.

To conclude, many essential elements need to be considered for an effective email signature. Email signature marketing is crucial to give a faster credit to your brand and make more revenues. To create impressive footers for your emails, it is good to use an email signature generator.