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What is the email promotion tab?

Emails can end up in the promotion tab. There are good things and bad things about landing in the promotion tab. The promotion tab is often overlooked by the potential client, which makes the marketing strategy a failure. Discover what a promotion tab is and how to improve your chances to end up in the inbox tab.


What is the promotion tab?

A promotion tab is designed to make it easy for the email recipient to read emails and promotional sales from marketers. The goal is to provide easy access to the customer to get highlighted information from a brand or a company. The information is usually interesting and catchy as it may include deals, expiration dates, free trials, and promo codes. Email suppliers have added the promotion tab in the email menu to improve the deliverability of emails from marketers. With the tab, emails from business promoters and marketers have more opportunities to reach their target audience and get more reads. The promotion tab improves email deliverability to the target clients and helps to increase open rates.

Benefits of the Promotions tab 

An advantage of the promotion tab is that marketing campaigns have more reads from the intended clientele. Besides, the promotional emails no longer end in the spam folder, and open rates have increased considerably. This is because the purpose of the emails is more explicit to the audience with the tab. Besides, there are fewer complaints from the recipients to receive unsolicited emails; on the other hand, there are fewer complaints from the marketers about their emails landing in their potential customers’ spam folder. The good thing is that a promotion tab is different from the spam folder. The spam folder is designed uniquely for unsolicited emails which may be annoying or pushy. Emails in the promotion tab, in contrast, contain discounted prices or limited free offers that may interest the email recipient.

How to add your email to the promotion tab?

To land in this category, it is recommended to include deals, offers and, other promotional messages in your email campaign. The filter is triggered by a third-party email service provider, which is in charge of taking a close look at the content of your marketing campaign. If the content consists mainly of offers that might be interesting to the email recipient, it is sure that your message goes in the tab but not in the inbox or spam folder. You can get more information about such third-party email marketing software on 1001 Email Signatures. 

How to get your emails to the primary inbox instead of the promotion tab?

One strategy is to teach your clients to move your promotional email into their inbox. To move the promotional email to the client’s inbox is to left-click on the message and drag it from the promotion tab to the inbox. You will see a confirmation message to drag the message to the primary. When you release the mouse, the campaign will be moved from the promotion tab to the Primary tab. Then, you may decide on making the change permanent so that all your future emails will immediately land in the customer’s primary inbox. To remain in the customer’s primary tab, it is essential to improve your content to show to the subscriber the benefit of seeing the offers once they are promoted. This should help them to manage their budget and time to attend any event or upcoming sales. On 1001 Email Signatures, you can read more tips on getting the customers to move your email from the promotion tab to their primary tab.


Improve your chance to move to the Primary Tab

  • Improve your content. You can simplify the content of your marketing campaign by making it more personal. Instead of sending bulk email messages for several potential clients, you can categorize the recipients according to their age groups and interests. This can help you to make the content more relevant to the customer’s needs.

  • Personalize your email. Most promotional emails have a general subject line, which often characterizes bulk emails. You can improve your subject line by adding the customer’s name to make it more personal. You can begin your message with a salutation that is addressed to the recipient, just like in one-to-one emails.

  • Minimize Texts. Get more clicks to your content by balancing the number of images, texts, and links in the promotional email.

  • Provide downloadable files for offline reference. This can include free pdf books, audio files, or maps to the even location. Improve your content by providing something useful to your prospects to encourage them to hear more from you in the future.

Encourage your subscribers to add your email address to their contacts

If your email address is among the ones in your customer’s contact list, your emails will certainly land in their primary inbox. By confirming to add your content to their primary, your audience will receive any emails and campaigns from your brand immediately to get more reads. If your email address is among the client’s contacts, new content and offers are more visible and can drive conversions faster. Do not forget to make the call-to-action clear and inspiring for more prompt replies.

In conclusion, promotion emails may include job offers that might be suitable to the prospect’s qualifications and skills. Some emails in the promotion tab help the client find an appropriate location for their business. Thus, when the client is ready to proceed with the next step, you can teach them to move your message from the promotion tab to their primary inbox to help them find the solution to their pain points immediately.

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