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Top 10 hacks, tips & tricks to create an outstanding marketing email

Are you looking for new clients? An effective way to establish faster brand recognition is to send bulk emails to many potential customers. Yet, if you do not know how to get noticed, your email may simply end in the trash. Read this quick guide to learn easy-to-use hacks in your emails.


1. Create with dynamic email content

Attract the attention of the readers with more dynamic content. Right from the subject line, provide the target audience with valuable information to help them solve their pain points. To boost conversion, a good technique is to relate the email to the seasonal events. Create simple but tasteful campaign emails with beautiful fonts. Avoid making the content too wordy because most readers simply skim the message. Instead, make the content shorter with promotional texts, illustrative images, and links.

2. Use a simple but tasteful design

Make your marketing email more appealing with animation just under the header. It is common to have GIFs to highlight the offer in an advertising email. Capture the audience’s attention with the animated image and encourage them to read more. Complement the message with a large, well-written heading over an illustrative banner, to give the audience a hint on what the email is about.

3. Use inspirational images

Captivate the customers’ eyes with really inspiring photos on the marketing email. Over a white background, it is easy for the audience to spot the discounted price. Also, the limited-offer message invites the clients to act instantly to profit from the promotion. The design is simply amazing!

4. Boost actions

Another clever idea to create a striking marketing email is boosting action through a highlighted call-to-action in the center of the email messages. Adding two or three descriptive lines above and under the CTA provides the customer with enough hints on what to do, without having to spend much time reading. This is an appropriate design if your goal is to remind the clients to take a specific course of action for an immediate booking due to the restricted amount of samples available.


5. Use varied content

Vary the content of the marketing email to arouse the reader’s interest. For the header, you can use a banner or an image that best suits your brand name. You can add 3 or 4 header tabs above the header. Under the header, write the heading of the marketing email, with a subheading just under it. It can be followed by a call-to-action. In the next block, add another heading to promote your first product, with a brief description, which is a two-line description. The next layers consist of four blocks, with different promotional images on the left, and their respective brief description and CTAs on the right. You can replace the second image with a video to vary the content.

6. Add practical tips

Keep the audience engaged with practical tips just under the promotional images. You can, for example, add a link to talk about the benefits of using your products in the next block. In the footer, end your marketing email with a few icons like search, contact, sales procedure, and customer care.

7.  Add a footer banner

Make your marketing email more elegant with a banner in the next block. It can be used to promote an event or to highlight a special offer like a free book or a free demo. With the banner, a CTA takes the customer to the next step to achieve their purpose. It may be a download link or a subscription to get the free demo.

8. Encourage strong connection with the client

Encourage the clients to stay connected by adding a few social media icons in the second footer. The links can easily redirect them to the pages where they can easily send follow-up messages to inquire more about any of the offers. With a good incentive to follow you, get more leads by adding those icons in the marketing email.

9. Learn from the best examples

  • To help create an effective email, it is also helpful to get inspired by the best templates available. Whether you are an amateur or a skillful email marketer, it is a good idea to learn from the best email marketing campaigns and get some hints on how to create outstanding emails for marketing purposes. 

  • You can improve your technique by paying attention to the best examples of marketing emails from other prosperous businesspeople. You will see how to create interesting content by reading what other people have written.

  • Also, you can find many examples of impressive emails used by professional entrepreneurs if you subscribe to your favorite newsletters.

10. Subscribing to a marketing email generator

You can improve the way you write your marketing email if you use software that is mainly designed to generate promotion emails. This is an effective way to find good email marketing campaign templates that you can easily personalize to boost your campaigns. Scribe-Mail for example provides its users with a large variety of marketing emails that can be tailored to your company requirement and brand. You can choose the most suitable model to inspire your clients in your campaign.

In conclusion, an outstanding marketing email has everything to rouse the interest of the customer, from the colors to the design. Keep your audience focused by making the content not too long or burdened with too many texts. Free downloadable email templates are available on Scribe-Mail to make your design more engaging.

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