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Personalize your email signature for Black Friday

Black Friday is the best moment to take a hit in sales. Take the opportunity to let your customers know about your offers ahead of time. Don't miss a time like Black Friday to personalize your electronic e-signature to promote seasonal offers to your prospects! Advertise your deals with the designs on 1001 Email Signatures by Scribe-Mail.

Black Friday signature template 1

This beautiful design is trendy as it is simple but complete. It is a two-column email signature and the predominant colors are black and gold. It is a three-layered signature, with a disclaimer at the base. The top is composed of 2 columns, with the owner’s profile photo or the company logo on the left. It is followed by the owner’s title, address, phone numbers, and email address. The Black Friday banner is on the right, and it is presented with a clear CTA, inviting the prospects and customers to shop now. You can also use the banner to inform your prospects about your discount rate or sales plan. The second layer is for social media icons and website addresses. You can have the social media icons in gold, and the texts are in black. In the third layer, you can add a disclaimer.


Black Friday signature template 2

A black and light red email signature looks catchy for a Black Friday email signature. It perfect template is the one with a large banner at the bottom and the company information at the top. It can be presented in 2 layers, the first part has 2 columns, with the profile photo or company logo on the left and the owner’s name and title, with contact information and location on the right. The name can be in red with the largest font size, and the title is in black. The contrasting colors add beauty to the signature. Under the profile information, you can add a black and red banner with a white text which says Black Friday on the left, and a picture of an item for sale, and a call-to-action on the right. You can add your social media icons under the banner to the left, and you can place your website on the right.

Black Friday signature template 3

A well-designed email signature is indeed an effective technique to promote your brand on Black Friday. The signature contains two columns with your logo or profile photo on the left and personal data on the right. As your goal is to offer a special discount to your regular clientele and prospects, the best thing to do it is through a banner at the bottom, with a call to shop now. The predominant colors are black and green with a white background and the personal information text is black, but on the banner, it is good to have the text in white to be clear. It is more interesting to display the social media icons in dark green. Also, it is more inspiring to have the company name and the website link in dark green.


Black Friday signature template 4

To boost your Black Friday deals and any other offers, you can even think of a black and blue email signature. This two-layered signature is black and blue, on a white background. The first layer is divided into 2 columns, where the profile photo, name, and photo are presented. It is followed by the signature owner’s address and contact details including his mobile numbers and email address. Social media links are equally found under that piece of information. The predominant theme colors are black and blue, and the owner’s name is for example in white over a blue background. This color combination integrates with the black touches. A customizable legal disclaimer can be found in the second layer. On Scribe-Mail, you can customize the disclaimer and create engaging email signatures for your email.


Black Friday signature template 5

Advertise your deals and encourage people to attend this traditional Black Friday, a time which has been long awaited by the fascinated buyers. You can even think of a more striking design where the basic colors are black and orange on a white background. The owner’s profile photo is at the top left, it is followed by the title and email address. the company logo is at the top right, and it is followed by the company website. A separating line is used to add visibility to the name. Under the line, you can see the phone numbers, home address, and phone numbers. The next layer displays the banner with pictures of the promoted items and the call-to-action. The banner is black and orange, and the text inside the banner is orange and white. It may be followed by an optional disclaimer.

Black Friday signature template 6

You can even think of highlighting your brand color with a black and rose Black Friday email signature. This one is in two layers, with the personal information, profile photo, and logo at the top. At the bottom, you can have a promotional banner in which the discount rate is printed in rose over a black background. The second half of the banner can display the image of the items for sales. The prospects may either contact you on the phone or at the location of the company. The rose and black colors draw attention from female customers. 

In conclusion, if you need help to design your Black Friday electronic signature, why don’t you let a free online tool do the task for you? Scribe-Mail for example is equipped with many signature templates that are designed for Black Friday and any other occasions.


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