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Cold emails are (also) hot when prospecting B2C clients

Cold emails are hot! You can increase the customer reply rate to efficiently-written cold emails and reinforce the brand name. With the help of the available templates, you can personalize your choice and try it out while prospecting your B2C clients. In this article, find out all our do's and don'ts at Scribe-Mail.

Do: Address the pain point and explain a solution 

A good technique for an engaging B2C cold email is to address the pain point delicately. This technique is composed of four important steps, starting with pain point identification. Then, once you have a clear understanding of the target’s main issue, move on to the next step, which is agitating the pain point. In this section, you provide critical facts on people who have suffered the same pain. The objective is to make the audience feel comfortable and have the desire to listen to the coming solution. In the final step, you offer a solution to remedy the pain point. This consists of getting the audience engaged by explaining a solution. The last step is designed to reassure the target client by providing helpful tips to get rid of the matter. If everything is clear, the audience will certainly reply to the offer and get more engaged in it.


Don’t start with a sales pitch

A failure to write an efficient cold email is often due to the way you start the message. To maintain a business relationship, it is recommended to avoid starting your B2C cold email with an offer to sell a product or a service. Thus, the subject line should sound more friendly and assertive. Whether it is a cold email or a warm email, the first things the readers would notice when receiving an email from anyone are the sender’s identity and the subject of the email. Thus, to prevent your cold email from ending in spam messages, it is a good idea to choose an appropriate email subject that matches the potential customer’s needs and interests. Scribe-Mail has some customizable templates that you can adapt to your message to make it intriguing without sounding forceful.

Do: Address to your prospects as individuals 

Building trust in the prospects is the first step to increase brand awareness through cold emails. Thus, a good way to achieve the purpose is to get some hints about the customers’ needs and location. This can be indicated in the customer’s email profile. Addressing the target client with their name and the title is a way to build more connection to them. Also, you may use the information about the prospect’s company name and location to know about their possible needs. It is helpful to use the data to write a relevant subject line to the client, to address them as an individual. You can get more reads and responses if they feel as if their interlocutor is a human, but not a bot. To be relevant, B2C cold email should cater to the immediate paint point of the intended recipient. Otherwise, it will simply be dumped into the spam emails.



Avoid sounding like a bot

  • Purchasing ready-made emails from an online signature provider are helpful, as it is quite practical. However, the downside of this practice is that you may risk sounding like a bot when responding to the customer’s request.

  • Also, some of the cold email templates are too vague and they fail to meet the customer’s prerequisites. In other words, some of the pre-written B2B cold email prototypes respond to the customer’s different requests in the same way. This technique is to be avoided because it removed the recipient’s motivation to give further responses.

  • Another problem is that some templates are simply too formal, and they sometimes sound irrelevant to the customer’s request. Yet, the best way to get customer engagement is to use a friendly tone of voice, without sounding like a bot.

Do: Connect with your prospects

Receiving personal information from a client can be thrilling, and it is necessary to build a connection with them. This may involve a regular check on their request, responding to their questions, and suggesting new alternatives for help. A good way to achieve the purpose is to promote your brand name without sounding like a commercial. It is necessary to see some examples of the best ways to maintain customer engagement from a more professional tool like Scribe-Mail. Scribe-Mail is a cold email generator where you can find templates that can be tailored to appropriately address your prospects.

Don’t send a B2C cold email to multiple recipients

Sending a B2C cold email to many people is not a good marketing strategy, simply because the message is directed to a group, but not to an individual recipient. Because of that, it is difficult to add value to the common pain point, because it may not be relevant to each one of them. Assuming that everyone is concerned about the proposed offer often fails to get the intended result from all the group members.  

In conclusion, the best way to keep the customer’s attention is to know them, listen to them, and add value to their needs. With this tool, you can learn to write B2C cold emails that can arouse the interests of your targets. A free tutorial is provided to train you to get more reads, identify and activate the customer’s pain points, and offer solutions to their problems.



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