Cold emails are hot when prospecting B2C clients

Email best practice applies to every email you send, regardless of its temperature. Cold emails (first touches sent to people who don’t know you) and warm emails (messages sent to people who already have some relationship with you or your product) all rely on the basics. So before you dive into the more advanced tips in the rest of this article, make sure you have these cold email tips down pat. 

Align with a common issue

Everyone has a pain point to suffering from, but they just ignore it until they have to face it. This is probably because they do not realize how serious their status is. On the other hand, some help might have been provided to improve the situation; nevertheless, the result is not satisfactory at all. Thus, they are still waiting for the most proficient solution to put an end to the pain point. In other words, your email is the best alternative to solve the matter. In this case, it is crucial to sound quite confident to get an immediate read and response from the intended clientele.  


Give a free gift and discount

Before asking for a customer’s full engagement, it is effective to start with a rule of awarding a free gift to build customer’s trust. Welcoming new customers with a free gift is an efficient strategy to attract many crowds and retain the recipient of your services. This technique is essential to increase brand recognition and win over new targets. Offering value before marketing is the simplest method to influence your prospects and get their full engagement. This approach is widely used in cold email marketing, and it can captivate the audience, knowing that no strings are to be attached, but they can experiment with the product to the fullest. A good technique to get quick responses from the audience is to propose a free gift and discount to the consumers who reply to the message within a few days of reception. In this way, both parties gain an advantage and this makes cold emails hot. Among the gifts, you can get more customer engagement in a B2C cold email through free help, free books, or even free tickets.

Personalize your cold email

Another practical hint for a provocative cold email is that it does not look like a template. Indeed, it resembles a personal letter from an acquaintance, and the use of a friendly tone in a cold email motivates the recipient to respond to it, removing any doubt about considering the email as a spam message. To increase the target customer’s reply rate by 20 percent, it is recommended to consider the recipient’s profile and needs before choosing the template. You may be wondering how to personalize unsolicited emails. Our tip is to customize your B2C cold email by referring to the client’s company name, location, and search history. This makes the recipient feel connected to the sender and they are more likely to reply to this ‘one-to-one’ message from a specialist or an adviser.

Write your cold email with an inspiring subject line

Your email should start with a clear purpose to get more reads. Writing a good subject line for a cold email can be often painful, but this quick list can give you some hints to start your message effectually:


  • Sharing your blog

  • Offering free tickets for the winning contestant

  • Offering a survey result on the most successful way to start your own business

  • Offering a live demo on how to play a computer game



Example of aB2B cold email that creates a lead in nutrition and diet

Here is an example: My name is [the sender’s name], and I am in charge of [responsibility] for [company name]. I noticed that a few weeks ago, you visited [brand name]’s blog on [diet and nutrition]. I could not help wondering how it makes you feel and whether you have any concerns about it.

We recently created and published a checklist to help our readers put the proposed solution into effect. We are mostly worried when we found out [the problem is pervasive and can affect people from any age group nowadays], especially[young adults]. Anyone struggling with [weight loss or obesity] doesn’t realize how [important diet and nutrition are], and they find it hard to solve the issue. Our checklist provides quick hints to [identify the problematic area] to help you [be fit /solution].


Start your pitch with a friendly introduction

To start with, it is advisable to address your target tactfully. Thus, like in a conversation, you start your interaction with self-introduction. It is rather rude to strike the conversation with an offer. Say your name, your title, and the company you work for. It is then followed by a warm greeting, and a brief explanation of the reason why they should listen to you, instead of saying why you are writing to them. In other words, it is crucial to sound confident.

After this brief introduction, you can start your pitch, assuming that you have a good knowledge of the pain point the target is experiencing, and why it troubles you. Thus, the purpose of your message is to offer an alternative solution to efficaciously manage the issue.

In a conclusion, a successful cold email is neither aggressive nor threatening to prospective clients. Thus, it should sound friendly enough to drive in quick responses. The content is clear and the action is easy to carry out, allowing the audience to get back to you either by calling or by sending out a message.