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Find all the best examples and ideas of email signatures

There are many ways to end a professional e-mail. However, to improve communication and leave an outstanding impression, it is essential to use the best digital signature. In this article, you will find the best examples of email signatures. In other words, this is designed to give you some ideas of impressive ending signatures to your electronic mails.

How important is an email signature?

The best email signature is designed to impress your customers and readers. In fact, the better designed an electronic signature is, the more you can amplify your voices on regular customers and prospective buyers. With professional email signatures, customers can easily have access to your website and pages. Furthermore, the better the impression is, the more likely customers want to connect with you instantly.

Choosing the perfect size for your email signature is quite important to make a good impression. The best is to choose a medium sized signature so that it can fit with any devices. Most importantly, it should contain any essential information about your brand. Thus, to ensure perfect display on the user’s screen, the ideal is to use the size suggested in the built-in templates, so that it can fit on all devices, whether it is a smart-phone or a Mac or a PC. For an email signature, the recommended image width is between 320 and 450 pixels, and its height should range from 70 to 100 pixels. Valuable business contact information, namely your website, phone number and physical address should be clearly visible in addition to the call-for-actions.

How important is an email signature?

Designed to create a long-lasting impression

An essential feature of the best examples of email signatures is their ability to sensitize your clients into action taking. A well designed email signature has the following components, including:

  • A logo, which is a unique visual representation of your company

  • An eye-catching design, which is based on a well-balanced color combination, attractive fonts, and a suitable design.

  • Business or brand identity which are clearly defined, while avoiding to overload your email signature with unnecessary details.

If the logo of your company does not contain the company name, it is a good idea to write it clearly above the logo. On the other hand, if your company figures in the logo, it is not recommended to re-write the company name once more under that icon. Next to that, you may display a small image which promotes an event or a product.

Create a catchy email signature

A good color combination is what makes an email signature outstanding. Professional-looking signatures look plain or elegant but not flashy. The most common electronic signature is designed on a white background, with grey or black base text. Highlighted information is printed in blue over a white background. To add emphasis on your name and company, the best is also to input the text in white within a dark blue frame.

Font category and font size are other important aspects of a successful electronic signature. It is essential to know that some fonts look better and easier to read when printed out or shown on the screen. Using a safe web font is, therefore, vital to create a wonderful impression. To ensure a good display, it is recommended to use such fonts which are basically installed in most devices such as Georgia, Calibri, or Trebuchet.

It may be possible that some of the fonts are not available in your recipients’ devices. Yet, you should not worry about it because most of the time, unavailable fonts will be rendered into the basic, readable Times New Roman.

Enhancing business with your email signature

Another good example of email signature is characterized by a quick reference about your business. In addition to the company name and logo, add links to your website. Also, it is recommended to insert a quick link to such information as promotional goods, trending products, or the most efficient product on sale, if your business is selling something. Such information helps customers to have an easy access to your business, just after receiving your email. Besides, if you wish your customers to reach you out, it is recommended to include the physical address of your company


Promote your social media pages through your email signature

Nowadays, it is quite common to communicate through social networks, whatever business you are doing. Another key feature of the best email signature is the presence of social media icons under the company name, which fosters stronger connection with your audience. Thus, it is not surprising that the best electronic signatures are presented with the icons of the most commonly used social networking tools, such as Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This creates a quick access to your website and social pages. Using social network links is quite helpful if you organize events for your audience. Social networks are mostly effective for polls and surveys too.

Build stronger connections with your customers

Additionally, an advantage of choosing the best email signature is that you can add your phone number, which ensures customers with easy access to your business. By clicking on the number that is on your signature, customers can call you through google, skype, people, or right from their phone. Therefore, the best email signature enhances the connection between the business people and their customers. A crucial aspect of the best email signature is that it can make your business email look very professional. An attractive signature is based on how well it is designed, with clear but not overloaded information about your business and quick contact information.


The bottom line is that using the best email signature helps you create a good impression with your customers, even at the first contact. Through the most suitable email signature, you can inform your customers about the type of business you do. Besides, it facilitates customers’ connection with your business, without making them lose any precious time to retrieve key information somewhere else.

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