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A quick guide to avoiding landing in spam

Any unsolicited email is categorized as spam email, they might be sent by marketers to people they think might be interested in their offers or products. Yet, they may become annoying to the recipient for their irrelevant content. Check out 1001 Email Signatures' tips to prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder.


1. Pay attention to your language

  • Spam filters in major email providers are equipped with a list of suspicious languages which are common among spammers. They include words like “free”, “cheap”, or “sales”, which are usually written in block capital letters. They are embellished with many exclamation marks and gaudy, colorful banners. 

  • Writing in capital letters is similar to forcing your prospect to accept your offer. On the other hand, using many dollar symbols in your promotional price is equal to pushing the customer into the trap of cheap products for more profit for the marketer. To avoid landing in spam, it is highly recommended to avoid such behavior when writing your pitch to your clients.

  • It is essential to use a respectful tone and well-balanced design when you send a campaign so as not to be treated as a spammer. The subject line and the content of your email should be written with correct spelling and without any mistakes in grammar or word order.

  • Proofreading the content of your email is necessary to give a clean look to your email and increase the deliverability rate.

2. Make sure that the links are provided and safe 

If you have magazines or newsletters about your brand, do not forget to make sure that there is a link for the subscribers to terminate their subscription. Otherwise, there is no other solution for the subscriber to stop receiving further messages from your website or blog than sending your email in the spam folder. However, this can have a bad impact on your business because once your email is marked as a spam message it will always land in the spam folder for both the complaining subscriber and the other followers. Also, you should avoid attaching unsafe content to your email. Using shortened links to your website is equally unsafe and will make your email unreliable.

3. Comply with anti-spam laws

To avoid landing in the spam folder, it is crucial to comply with the anti-spam laws. You can find more about these laws in 1001 Email Signatures. Among the rules, it is good to mention that if you are looking for subscribers to your online magazine, it is essential to explicitly ask your subscribers to whitelist your company email address. Aside from that, it is compulsory to send your newsletter only to the subscribers. Landing in spam is a big waste of money for the marketing department. It can also damage the reputation of your company. For these reasons, your brand needs to avoid being transferred to the spam folder; thus, you should avoid sending unsolicited emails to unsubscribed clients. 

4. Encourage your subscribers to whitelist your email address

Once your message is delivered, you might be satisfied that your pitch will get heard by the email recipient. However, it is difficult to know whether your email ends up in the customer’s inbox or spam folder. Besides, it is impossible to know the target audience has manually forwarded your email in the spam folder after having a quick look at its content, or even without opening it at all. To be considered as a safe content provider by most email suppliers, it is a good idea to encourage the clients who subscribe to your newsletter or blog to add your email address to their contact list as a safe marketer or business provider.


5. Generate interesting content in your email

To get more responses from recipients, it is important to make the content of your email more interesting and inspiring. This means you should balance your content marketing. In general, customers like to read relevant contents that address their pain points with friendly pieces of advice. It is also a good technique to offer a free demo before they invest in your offer. Make the marketing campaign more interesting with a free booklet, free training, or discount code. In this way, your email will not finish up as unsolicited mail. Make the content of your marketing campaign more inspiring with better-quality images and safe links to more intriguing content. From the email header (subject line) to the footer (signature), everything should display a high-quality pitch, which gives a professional look to your overall message. This will add great value to your email. Further tips on how to generate a fascinating marketing campaign can be found on 1001 Email Signatures.

6. Avoid common spammer-behavior

Landing in a spam folder is harmful to the reputation of your email domain, especially if it is caused by previous subscribers. If it occurs frequently, it is possible to reduce delivery and read rate considerably because your emails can be spontaneously transferred to the spam folder by most email suppliers. Thus, it is recommended to avoid spam-like behavior to avoid ruining the brand name.

In conclusion, it is essential to avoid sending emails full of misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, and unbalanced email content. Also, you should avoid using spam languages like “free”, “sales”, “$$$”, “unlimited” in your subject line to save your email from landing in spam. 

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