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3 useful apps to manage your email on iOS

An email app allows people to read, compose, and reply to emails whenever they want and wherever they are. Thus, it is quite important in communication nowadays. Are you unsatisfied with your current native IOS Mail App? We found 3 alternatives that you should give a try. Feedbacks are welcome.


1.   Airmail (available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

With its powerful customization features, Airmail is a standalone iOS app and allows you to edit the menu in the Settings. Your preferences are immediately synced in the Mac and iOS devices. Among the best features, it is worth noticing that you can customize the email notifications to receive timely alerts from important clients. Also, you can customize the email productivity and incorporate Bear Notes, a useful tool to edit your blog and website. You can also integrate it with other workspaces to facilitate your tasks when you need to retrieve or save files in cloud storage. Airmail is essential for creating marketing emails especially if you have to send mass emails every day. You can compose professional emails for your campaign with the templates provided by the app. From the app, you can archive, delete, or move your emails to a new folder. If you need to schedule the time to send emails to your clients, this is a suitable app for you. You can activate the reminder about the right time to send your emails, and snooze it if necessary. And most importantly, you can be notified when your customer opens the email you sent. The price is $4.99.


2.  Scribe-Mail (available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch)

Scribe-Mail supports most email providers, and you can automatically synchronize your regular email address. Also, you can enjoy real-time updates of the email settings from the app. The app is suitable for sending scheduled mass emails to your clients. There is a built-in calendar, a reminder, and a snooze function to manage when to dispatch your marketing emails. The settings are customizable and allow you to edit the theme and the apps to be integrated with it to have a more convenient workspace. It is appropriate for business people who rely on emails for most communication with their regular and potential customers. With a beautiful innovative email platform, you can create engaging and engaging emails to suit every purpose. You can receive, write, send, and categorize your emails with a single click. Equally important, you can send attachments from your phone or cloud storage right from the app. With its Send and Read alerts, Scribe-Mail keeps you notified whether the email is delivered and opened by the intended recipient. Scribe-Mail includes team and collaborative email functionality and to provide the best support for its users, templates are available to facilitate email marketing creation. Most importantly, you can create your email signature with links to your blogs or promotional pages with the app. To enjoy the full features, the paid option is recommended for freelance workers, shoppers, as well as small and large entrepreneurs. 


3. Edison (available on iPhone, iPad)

Edison is a free email app for frequent travelers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It has an integrated feature to allow its user to purchase tickets and get travel details in their inbox. Travelers can get instant notifications about a flight time change or departure. For business people, you can receive notifications about package shipment and delivery right from the app. Form the sidebar, there are some functionalities to regroup the information and sort them out for later use. You can also read newsletters and subscribe to a new one, or unsubscribe from the one you no longer wish to receive. When composing your email, you can easily select and change the font style and color to create more professional emails. It has an easy function to select many emails and move them to the trash if they are no longer needed. Also, you can archive important messages from your contacts. Email sending can be scheduled or snoozed until a later time for more reads. Edison supports all major email suppliers and you can sync your messages as soon as the app is installed on your device. For multiple accounts, you can use a color code to help sort out the messages. Edison is a recommended iPhone and iPad email app for business people and shoppers. 

In conclusion, there are many options to make the most out of your emails on the iOS email app. Some are free; the others are paid, and if you are looking for tips on how to use emails for marketing, you can try 1001 Email Signatures.

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