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3 nice apps to manage your email on Android

Emails are the most convenient forms of communication for professionals. Are you unsatisfied with native the services provided by the Android Mail App? 1001 Email Signatures found 3 alternatives that you should give a try to. Feedbacks are welcome.


1.   Spark

Spark is a free email supplier that you can download and install on the Android smartphone. It is appropriate for sending marketing emails at a scheduled time, and you can get notified about the time to dispatch your emails. The email font is customizable into bold, italics, or quote, and you can also clear the previous text format. Additional features include inserting bullets or numbers and adjusting the paragraph to the left or the right. To invite the readers to subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter, you can insert a link while composing your email. You can also create and save your email templates, and insert them from your phone or cloud storage. You can also share the email with a team through a shareable email link. Anyone with the link can view the email, and it can be easily saved as pdf or printed with the accompanying email history and team comments. The toolbar can be personalized and arranged for your convenience. Also, you can create your email signature from the app and create a video meeting for your team to discuss the content together. 


2.   Scribe-Mail

Supported by most major email providers, Scribe-Mail is available in free and paid versions. It is characterized by its smart and sexy email platform, suitable for creating inspiring emails for your clients. Email marketing is made simple for business providers who need to dispatch emails to reach out to their clients and grow business. It can be associated with multiple email accounts, with customizable settings and themes. The email platform facilitates marketing because you can create an email with templates available or the ones that you create. From the menu, emails can be categorized to make it easy for the viewer to retrieve information from specific contacts. Also, you can upload attachments from your phone or cloud storage as you compose your email, and it is also possible to share the image of your latest product as you compose your email. There is also a functionality to share the email discussion with unlimited collaborators. The storage space for each team member is large enough, and more offers are available in the paid version. Additional features include scheduled email sending with a built-in calendar and clock. Scribe-Mail is excellent for freelance work and to grow business. The Read alerts function can be posted for each email delivered or opened by the client. 


3.   VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer is an email app that is renowned for its innovative email platform. It is recognized by many influential technology magazines and websites as the best email client. You can experiment with it for free during the 30-day trial. After installation, you can synchronize your email messages. VMware Boxer is suitable for multiple email accounts. You can combine the notifications in the same inbox if you have more than one email account. Its smart features allow you to compose or edit emails in bulk and use templates to design more professional emails. Besides, you can send quick replies with built-in functions. You can categorize your emails and you personalize the way you would like to view your messages. Boxer comes with modifiable swipe gestures and supports email sharing among team members. The app has a function to view multiple calendars and to share your availability for an event. Aside from that, you can easily participate in a conference with its one-tap dial function. You can also disable screenshots to prevent your email recipients from taking a screenshot of your app screen. Another interesting function is access to your contact list from the email platform.

In conclusion, it can be said that email apps essential to keep in touch with your audience at any time and from any place. Yet, it is important to use the most convenient app to boost your marketing campaign from your Android device. If you need more tips and hints on email marketing apps, 1001 Email Signatures is the right place to go. 

VMware Boxer
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